9 March 2016

All Things Organisation | Part One

I have just been sorting out my 2016 Diary and have felt so inspired to share how I'm organising myself this year in terms of Uni, my blog, and more. Because I'm writing about this in quite a lot of detail I will split these posts into different sections: blogging and everyday life, then all things Uni. Read on if you would like to know how I organise my everyday life, budget, and blog, because I'm sure there are other organisation nerds out there like me.

I'm using the Kikki.K Inspire Diary (a6 size) as my organisational tool for blog posts, life events, budget and for storing my revised new years resolutions. I actually got my diary only at the end of February because I thought I didn't need a paper one for this year, but I just had to get one in the end. So as soon as it arrived, I filled in January and February's blog posts in the monthly overview, and now am going to use it for the overall schedule of all future blog posts. I don't usually plan too far ahead for my blog but I have been known to get carried away especially when I have lots of time and ideas, like in the summer holiday period. But as Uni is just starting, I definitely won't be planning or scheduling blog posts to the extent I have been.

I write all my blog post titles in the little squares of the monthly overview, and I only do this once a blog post has been either somewhat written, photographed or finished completely so I don't have to do too much switching around. Next to the monthly overview is a notes section where I have chosen to write down the titles of the books I've read during the month so I can keep track and see what books I am going to be reviewing.

In the weekly overview section, I put normal personal meetings and life events under each day so I know what I have planned. But for everyday to-do lists I will use my Kikki.K 'Start Today' pad which has a huge amount of room for every little thing I need doing. For me, it helps if I list things in relative order, even things like 'Breakfast' onto 'Write Reading List blog post' so I have some sort of direction for myself when I wake up.

I also have a plain lined blogging notebook which I write my ideas in and drafts of posts, one per page. I will put two red lines through the idea once it's been written, or I don't want to use that idea anymore. It's worth noting I will use the Calendar on my MacBook to plan the dates of blog posts first, because sometimes I'm not entirely sure what date I'll publish them on, so I'm not messing up my paper diary too much.

Next to the weekly overview is a whole page for notes, and I use this section to organise my budget. Now, I have never been one to keep track of my money but I have really felt inspired to this year. I want to save a little bit of money (for a rainy day, I guess) and also buy quality items instead of going out and having a shopping spree.

So at the top of the page I have written down my weekly income, as well as my allowance in spending for different sections: Food and Drink, Save, and Spending. I have written down weekly amounts for each section so I can control my spending and see if I have enough money to buy something on my wish list that week. Moving onto my 'wish list'...

I write all the items (if any) I want to buy that week (or future weeks) with the amount they cost and a tick box beside it. Basically, the idea is, if I have it written down, it's something I really want and have thought about, therefore I can buy if I have the money that week.

I then have my 'In' and 'Out' sections which lists everything I have incoming and outcoming. I list all/any money I've bought in, and then a list of everything I've bought (and that's including food! Yes, that spontaneous cup of takeaway coffee has to be listed too). It's not that hard to remember, because my online banking app has everything recorded which I can copy from anyway. Finally, at the end of the page I will have the remaining amount in my bank account. After so long of just fleetingly throwing away my money, it feels good to be organised with it.

I'll be writing Part Two of this, all about my Uni organisation, soon!


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