12 February 2016

The New Matte Lip

L'Oreal have recently launched some new beauty products, including a set of six matte lip colours. I have been testing out the whole range of Infallible Matte FX Lip Colours* and I thought I would do a good old-fashioned beauty post, which has been kind of sparse around here, I have to admit. This post isn't sponsored, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts. Spoiler: I've really been enjoying them.

If you know me, you know that I'm a matte lip girl at heart. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a lipstick that doesn't overly dry my lips out or look horrible. When I first tried one of these, I was impressed because the formula felt light on my lips. They have a powdery finish once they dry down slightly - it may sound off putting but I happen to really like it. The lip colours themselves can be quite sheer but are buildable to a more intense colour. You can use them for ombre and sombre looks, though I'm yet to try (not really my thing).

The applicator is something I haven't experienced before, which is a pointed sponge tip. It made it easy to apply the lip colour with because I could get into the edge and corner of my lips which is sometimes hard to do with a big lipstick bullet, and not too much product is on the sponge already which makes it easy to apply gradually.

There are six colours as I've said, and they range from a peachy pink nude to a classic darker red. The colours in order from left to right are Silencio (001), Virgin (002), Oops I Pink It Again (004), I Gotta Feeling (008), Disturbia (006), and Say My Name (007). 

I have to say, my least favourite colour is definitely the purple (I Gotta Feeling/008) because it didn't seem to look right on my lips nor did I think it particularly suited me. Obviously, before applying a matte lip you've got to make sure your lips are scrubbed and prepped. The purple shade may not have looked so good because I'd applied three shades before it in a row. The formula of all of them are genuinely matte, but as a side note, these photos were taken pretty much directly after application so they dried down more afterwards.

Would these lip colours be something you would try? Personally my favourites are Silencio (001) for the wearable nude shade and Say My Name (007) for something bolder.


*PR Sample

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