26 February 2016

Soundtrack to February

This month I've been listening to a bit of a mix of things, and artists I didn't think I would be pressing the repeat button for. Every month, I go back to listening to some old favourites so it's a great opportunity to talk about some of the artists I absolutely love and strongly recommend you listen to. Let me know if you listen to any of these artists or have been playing these songs lately.

FKA Twigs: I discovered FKA Twigs sometime last year from Yen Magazine, I think, and this had me thinking about the different ways I discover artists. I have been better recently at actually checking out artists I'm recommended from magazines, as more often than not, I actually really enjoy the featured artists. Yen Magazine is a great one for music and entertainment FYI, so definitely hit that up. FKA Twigs is not everyone's taste, I've had friends that have listened and been like 'Hmm, nah', but I honestly love her music to death. It's really interesting and complex, but also doesn't try to hard, you know. I would describe it as slightly electronic, experimental, maybe a bit R&B. Her single Good To Love was released this month.

The Last Shadow Puppets: I'll admit I haven't listened to all of their music, but what I've heard so far I have liked. I recently learnt that Alex Turner was in another band besides from Arctic Monkeys. Mind blown, and I really enjoy his vocals, etc. in TLSP alongside the slightly theatrical, rock sound they have going on.

The 1975: The 1975's second album is due to be released soon so a multitude of singles have been released lately. My favourite song so far is definitely Love Me which is very 80s inspired and kind of cool. Not to be a #hipster or anything but I started listening to them a while back, when Chocolate was my jam.

Zayn + Rihanna: I'm honestly not one to listen to Top 40 much (sorry just being a #hipster once again) but I can't lie, I've been listening to Pillow Talk and Work so damn much. Possibly a bit of Justin Bieber too. And I like it. Just me?


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