24 February 2016

Saving Money on Clothing

These days I tend to not really spend a huge amount on clothing, and where I can I try to be more conscious of how I can save money and still buy quality items. I don't know about you, but hunting down a fashion bargain can be incredibly satisfying. Here are a few tips that I think really help when trying to save money on fashion.

Shop in the men's section: I was considering writing a whole blog post on this because I feel like there's something seriously wrong with the guy to girl price ratio. I went shopping in Cotton On recently and spotted a top for $20, and then spotted the same designed shirt in the men's section for $5 - it was just a different colour. Honestly, the men's section of stores do have some good stuff like basic shirts and hoodies that are really cheap. Often they're nicer in a lot of ways because I personally don't like the cropped and too-short sleeved style in the girls section.

Scour the salesOne of my goals for this year was to be more conscious about what I'm buying, and one of the ways this is achievable is by carefully weighing up all the options out there. Fashion Lane is a website where you can find the best sales from 100+ online fashion stores. You are able to view the most discounted items first, and the lowest priced items in categories from different stores, so everything is in one place for your convenience. Fashion Lane also displays coupons that are running for individual stores which is pretty unique. This website displays ASOS items which I'm particularly pleased about because I'm going to be buying some Autumn/Winter clothes from there soon.

Steal from a guy's wardrobe: There's a bit of a theme already starting to emerge here. It's a good thing I like slightly grungy/oversized stuff most of the time because I seem to have acquired some items of clothing from my Dad and brother overtime. This jacket is my Dad's which he never wears anymore, and it's literally the perfect cozy winter jacket for me. You could also peep into your boyfriend's wardrobe if you have the opportunity...

Buy from an op shop: You knew this one was going to be in here didn't you? I love thrifting, and I will shout it from the rooftops. The dress in these photos is something I bought second hand, as well as the shoes below. Buying second hand doesn't have to mean ratty old t-shirts (although that does sound kind of appealing with my grunge aesthetic), it can also mean $30 Doc Martens and $5 tops and dresses. Always make sure you'd actually wear it though, as I've had some regretful decisions in the past.

Quality vs Quantity: Buying more quality items over dozens of cheap things always brings me more happiness, because quality items simply last longer, and in turn you have a smaller wardrobe with things you'd actually wear. I'll need to listen to my own advice this year as I'm trying to buy quality over quantity more.

Hopefully you would have found at least one of these tips helpful when it comes to clothes shopping. Let me know your thoughts.


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