10 February 2016

Bought and Liked | Room Decor + Docs

Hello everyone. I hope you're having a great day. The other day I really liked my outfit/wanted to show you some things I've bought lately in a slightly more interesting way. The clothes you see here aren't actually new but the shoes are - the thing about me and outfits is that I tend to wear the same kind of things over and over, and you've more than likely seen me in one of these pieces before. No matter how much I like making outfit posts, they've become a rarity round these parts, but today I do want to talk about some beautiful Docs I managed to find in an Op Shop!

A couple of weeks ago I was Op Shopping/Thrift Shopping (as I like to do as often as I can!) and I saw these $30 Doc Martens (half price - originally $60). This was more of an upmarket boutique style Op Shop which can sometimes be alright, sometimes it's meh. But I really couldn't pass up $30 Docs when they can cost literally ten times the price. These are already worn in a quite soft and that's great for me because I had a bad experience trying to break in Docs. They are about a size too big but I've solved this problem by just wearing thick socks. One shoe actually has two small holes either side of it but it's not too much of a big deal, and I could probably fix it if I wanted to. I know I'll literally wear these all the time in winter and they're just the type of thing I've been looking for, for cheap, for a while.

My skirt is from H&M a while ago (just under a year old), and this striped top is kinda old too - I think it's from The Warehouse or something. You see, the principle is that it doesn't really matter where it's from, I just have a very specific view of what I like in an outfit. And that is stripes, mostly.

Side note: taking these photos made me sweat so much because I was running back and forth and using self-timer. I really need someone to take photos of me, but it just never really works out. It was literally boiling. Summer, please promptly finish up if you will.

Anyway, something else I've purchased for my room recently is a new duvet. I've had my old one for just more than a year, and I was getting kind of sick of it, so a new comforter definitely refreshes things. This one is from Bed, Bath and Beyond in case you're wondering. I do love a good triangle.

Another thing you've probably seen popping up in these photos is the latest issue of Frankie Magazine, I'll just use the next sentence to profess my love for this little mag. It's basically like reading a mini (very aesthetically pleasing) book full of life advice, funny bits, adorable fashion and photography, etc, etc. This copy is actually the only magazine I've managed to (nearly!) finish in a wee while. *Slaps wrist for getting too prioritised with books*

Another home item I've acquired lately is something from Kmart. *No surprises there*. I bought this light pink canister/pot and at the moment my jewellery is housed in there - rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. because my jewellery dish broke after I dropped my foundation bottle on it. Kmart has some cute, cheap stuff. This was only $6. I was in there again today and I had googly eyes, seriously. Who is on the designing team at Kmart because I want to find out.

Lastly I have my new bookcase to share. For ages I've had these two teeny shelves that I didn't really like the look of anymore, and because I've started taking reviewing books so seriously, I felt like an update was in order. I really don't have the biggest collection of books - the shelves look kind of sparse in spaces but this is good investment for the future, people. When I acquire dozens of more books, I'm hoping. But it's not exactly an investment when the bookcase was literally from Kmart. It's been fine so far though! I'm so happy to have a bigger bookshelf where I can change the layout around a lot if I want to.

I hope you enjoyed this extra long Bought and Liked post. I also mostly hope my sweating in the heat of my room was worth it for you.


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