8 January 2016

Worth Watching

I think you'll agree that the space between Christmas and the beginning of January is spent watching new + favourite TV shows and movies - that's what I've been doing recently! I thought I would round-up some of my favourite TV programmes I have loved watching recently and some I have been loving for a while.

Making a Murderer - I know, I know. I'm pretty sure everyone in existence knows about this documentary series which has been gaining international news coverage as of late. I found this to be such an addicting series to watch and I'm pretty sure I finished it within a few days. I found myself thinking I should stop watching and do something else, but as soon as an episode ended I wanted to see what would happen next. Highly recommend watching this one - in a broad sense it will make you question our legal systems.

Downton Abbey - I bet there's a few of you who have been watching this for a while - it's been out for quite some time. However I have never actually watched it before a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say, I'm really liking it. I'm such a fan of watching series that are set in the Victorian era or the Edwardian era as this one is. I find myself getting caught up in all the character's stories and I just love looking at what they wear and how they live - it's fascinating to me. I have only just finished Season One, so I'm looking forward to watching the rest.

American Horror Story - I binged watched through Seasons 1-4 of AHS late last year, and didn't regret it one bit - I personally loved most of the seasons, Murder House being my favourite. I know more of a faint-hearted person may not like watching this, but I've heard some people liking Scream Queens which I am yet to watch. Season 5 (Hotel) is currently airing, and I've watched about 4 or 5 episodes but I must admit I have kind of lost interest. I will definitely watch it at some stage, but it is nice to be able to binge watch them all in one go.

Fargo - This is a dark comedy-crime series staring Martin Freeman which I absolutely loved. I watched this a while ago, and I would actually like to re-watch it at some stage. If you like crime/investigation shows this is another one to add to your list, which is a bit more unique from others - it has a touch of dark humour and quirkiness to it. I'm yet to see the second series which has been released recently, so I should get onto that!

Broadchurch - This is a show based on a murder investigation (again - can you tell that's what I'm into?). This is such a stunning series, which is made really well, and focuses more on the family impact of someone getting murdered - much more tame than AHS. I blasted through this show as well, and I just loved David Tennant and Olivia Colman as actors. This really isn't a hard show to get into - it's just really good, take my word for it.

Sherlock - Pretty sure everyone knows about this one because it's a great show, but if you've never watched it, you need to. It's funny, really well made, and features great adventures between Sherlock + Watson. I recently went to see the TV special at the cinema in preparation for the next series which is coming out some time in the future (they take forever to make). There are only 3 episodes per series but each episode is like a movie. I just freaking love Benedict Cumberbatch as well.

Do you watch any of these yourself? And do you have any suggestions of things to watch?


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