27 January 2016

Soundtrack to January

Welcome to a new post that I'll be doing monthly on my blog this year. I have found myself loving talking about music here in the past, and while I've incorporated that into monthly favourite type posts in the past, I wanted to dedicate a whole section to one of my favourite things - music.

My listening habits tend to include having one or two artists on repeat for the entire month until I get sick of them. Then I'll move onto something else, and I'll always come back to old favourites. I would love to talk about my favourite artists, albums, and of course new music that I come across and want to gush about. This month I want to just that - and with a New Zealand band called Yumi Zouma.

Yumi Zouma's Limited Edition EP is the first vinyl I've bought myself with the new record player in our household. I spotted it at Real Groovy (a New Zealand music store) and thought it's absolutely something I have to own, since I've proceeded to fall head over heels in love with their sound. I would describe them as being dream pop alternative and I love it. What makes it better is that they're from the country I live in, which I have to say, is rare these days. The two songs which are already favourites are Alena from EP II and A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers from EP I.

Another band I haven't stopped listening to recently is The XX. They're pretty popular I guess, so you've probably heard of them at some stage. I'm going to say that they're part of my favourite ever artists/bands list. Gradually, I started listening to Jamie XX (that's his stage name - part of The XX band), and while I've had to come around to some of the songs, I am now absolutely loving his music. The couple of songs I plucked from the bunch which I love are Loud Places (ft. Romy) and SeeSaw (ft. Romy). Romy is also part of The XX in case you're wondering, so all this XX business is just one wonderful music mashup which I can't seem to stop listening to. Both artists separately have a very chill sound which electronic and dance aspects.

So that's what I've been listening to in January!

Do you listen to any of the artists I've mentioned? I'm also up for music suggestions if you have any.


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