15 January 2016

My Most Anticipated Reads of 2016

I can already tell this year is going to be a big reading year for me - I'm so excited to start reading and reviewing as many books as I can. I'm not completely aware of all of the big book releases this year - however - there are a few I've seen that I LOVE the sound of, or more from my favourite authors which I'm excited to share.

How Hard Can Love Be By Holly Bourne - This is out February 1st and is the second 'part' as such to Am I Normal Yet? which I loved ('The Normal Series'). How Hard Can Love Be? is going to be from the perspective of one of the more minor characters in Am I Normal Yet? - Amber. Holly Bourne has fast become one of my favourite authors as I've read all she has to offer so far. I love the feminism that she incorporates into her writing, and so far none of her books have disappointed me.

Beautiful Broken Things By Sara Barnard - To my knowledge this book revolves around female friendships - something YA fiction may be lacking in slightly. This comes out February 11th. Caddy and Rosie are best friends and around each other all of the time - then Suzanne comes into the picture - apparently a 'beautiful, damaged, exciting, mysterious' girl who impacts the pair in some way I'm yet to find out about. This looks to be a very realistic look into female friendship and I believe it will include mental illness aspects.

The Glittering Court By Richelle Mead - This is already reminding me of The Selection series which I really liked reading last year. Richelle Mead is the author of the Vampire Academy series which I have never read, but I do love a bit of YA fantasy in my life - this is out April 5th. 'The Glittering Court' essentially transforms poor girls into 'capable' upperclass women. Except the protagonist Adelaide poses as a servant to escape an arranged marriage and she has to try and keep her identity hidden. This sounds really good so I'm excited to read it.

On The Other Side By Carrie Hope Fletcher - I'm sure you've heard YouTuber Carrie is currently writing a fiction book after her nonfiction one, All I Know Now. I actually don't really know what to expect from this but I'm sure the world Carrie has dreamed up will be wonderful. It has elements of magic, fantasy, romance and more. This is set to be released July 14th.

The Fate of the Tearling By Erika Johansen - I have just finished reading the second book in the series and I can say I'm hooked on what will happen next. I'm predicting this will be a really well known series soon as it's being turned into a movie. This series has a whole world of fantasy, dystopia, magic and a touch of romance, the next installment is going to out November 29th. If you want to read my review on the second book, The Invasion of the Tearling, you can have a look on Sophie's blog.

Are there any books you know are coming out soon that you are looking forward to? Or any here you like the sound of?


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