4 January 2016

Goals for 2016

Happy New Year! First of all, I have a new blog design. I had done my previous blog design (which wasn't really design anyway), but I impulsively decided that I wanted to give this space a little revamp for 2016. But anyway - onto the post. I decided that I wanted to type out some blogging and personal goals for the year ahead to help me stay on track this year. Enjoy reading!


-Read at least 30 books again. In 2015 I managed to read more books than I ever have in a year before, and it's honestly been just about the best thing I could have done for myself. I could probably set a higher goal to achieve here, but I think 30 is a good number, and any amount I can read above that will be great. Reading books is entwined with my blogging as I often like to talk about books and review them, so in 2016 I want to review more books and review them properly + in more detail. Talking about books is one of my happiest pleasures, something that makes me feel all wonderful inside.

-Improve my blog photography and content. For the most part I am pleased with where my content + photos have been heading this year. I can see the improvement from when I first began. I still want to make sure my content is being produced because I really want to, not just because I need to have a blog post scheduled for a day, and I need to whip something up. The further I get with blogging, the more I am becoming aware that blogging is about quality, and for me, blogging is about what I want to photograph and write about - not what others would like to see me do.

-Sit down to film more YouTube videos. I think if it gets to the point where YouTube is overtaking blogging, it's not fun for me anymore - however making and editing videos is something I really quite like doing every now and then - and where I can, I want to upload more.

-Get more involved in the blogging community. At the end of 2015, I started to get more involved in the blogging community, but I really want to make a consistent effort to make new friends, get involved in Twitter chats, and most of all read and comment on blogs much more often - taking time to appreciate other people's content is really important to me, and I feel like all the bloggers I follow should receive some love + attention.

-Sit at my actual desk and work, don't do it in bed. I am notorious for being on my laptop in bed, and it's not such a good habit. Of course, it can't be avoided all the time, but I want to increase the amount my laptop is on an actual surface being used, than being propped up amongst pillows + bed sheets. My bed is a time for relaxation and sleeping - I think I need to make the distinction between that and working/browsing the internet.


-Drink enough water. As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm feeling a bit fatigued and dehydrated - *Hits wrist*. I think sipping at water throughout the day is a really important goal of mine in 2016 because I often wonder if I'm low in B12 or iron, the amount of times I catch myself feel absolutely shattered and like I'm trying to see through fog is a little worrying. A bit of common sense doesn't go awry when it comes to health, so I just need to watch myself and make sure I'm feeling as well as I can.

-Buy clothing I will actually wear. It's a sad sight when I open up my wardrobe to find about 10 things I never wear, and don't actually love. I don't do it too often, but sometimes I fall into the trap of succumbing to fashion trends, which is never a good thing. Ever. Honestly, I love wearing sweaters and my soft Topshop jeans - not that barely worn crop top and tight skirt. I want to think a little bit more carefully about what I buy clothing wise, and if I can really see myself wearing something for a long amount of time.

-Look after myself + be true to myself. I was going to make this in two parts but I think they fall somewhere under the same line. This year I want to look after myself more, mentally, and spend more time on myself. I want to have lots of pamper nights and time spent soaking in the bath with a book in hand. I want to watch those TV shows + movies I've been meaning to for ages, with fresh sheets on my bed. I also want to at least try to be true to myself - i.e. having my own opinions, doing what I want, and not changing my personality to fit different people, but also being a bit more patient and understanding - overall I should attempt to be somewhat sure of myself.

Thank you for reading this somewhat lengthy post. Do any of these goals resonate with you?


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