20 January 2016

February Intentions

AKA what I want to do in February/the rest of the summer. I know it's a little early to be talking about February, but I'm off on holiday really soon so I wanted to write this post now. I'm off Uni for one more month so in February I really want to spend more time relaxing and doing things I've been putting off before it all gets too busy again.

Have some time offline - I'm going on one or two holidays in the next month (Queenstown this Sunday which I'm beyond excited about) and the possibility of going away on a beach holiday mid Feb. I think I really need some time away from my laptop to get reinspired and to feel excitement when going online, rather than just aimlessly scrolling for hours like a zombie. I'm not taking my laptop on either holidays so a couple weeks at a time away from the keyboard is going to be good. I just want to go on holiday, explore different places and take lots of pictures.

Buy some records - My family bought a record player recently and it's sometimes being housed in my room. I'm very glad about this. It seems like everyone is buying vinyl now, but there's something so great about collecting them. I actually just bought my first own vinyl (the band Yumi Zouma - more on that later in the month) and now I'm making it priority to buy at least one or two more soon.

Finish reading my magazines - Okay, so this is something I've been putting off for a few months. I have no idea why - it should be relaxing to just sit back and read a mag right? Sadly I've had the mindset of 'I just don't have time to read them' for ages now and they've been piling up. I read Frankie and Yen religiously, so I need to finish the half a dozen magazines I've acquired before Uni begins where I really won't have much time.

Start dressing properly again - This is slightly weird, but honestly I feel like all I've been wearing for about a month now is pyjamas. I need to stop. I'm thinking I also need to hit the opshops VERY soon to find myself a few new cheap items so I feel inspired to dress myself again. At the moment I feel like I don't like anything I have, so that needs to change, along with a good old wardrobe clean up too.


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