30 November 2015


Hello! How are you? I feel like this month was a bit of an adjusting month. Adjusting to being nineteen, adjusting to summer holiday mode, adjusting to having to do job interviews, and finally and most importantly, adjusting my position in bed when watching various Harry Potter movies... so it's been a month of stress and laziness all in one. As I'm typing this it's currently H O T, so I'm going to have to bid farewell to the cold weather for now (I live in New Zealand).

In terms of beauty, I have a few new things I've tried that I really like. First is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara which I think is new in the New Zealand beauty scene at the moment. This mascara really makes my lashes big, black and lengthened. It has quite a unique wand of a flared kind of shape which I tend to think makes your lashes both long and volumnised. The second favourite's offering of the month has been Simple's Micellar Cleansing Water which I have found to be pretty much the same as Bioderma and Garnier's offerings. It does the job of removing my make-up and Simple's skin care range is pretty much fuss-free as it's meant to be gentle and kind on sensitive skin.

I've heard that Benefit's High Beam is a wonder for highlighting, so when I was kindly gifted some Benefit stuff for my birthday recently, I was excited to try this. Believe it or not, I've never really tried a highlighter before so it's an extra step to add to my make-up routine and I'm loving it. It's a liquidy, creamy formula which you pat into the skin and it adds a nice glow without looking too over the top. The last thing I have to mention isn't exactly a beauty product, but it comes in the form of a candle. This candle smells so. damn. good. It's actually from New York because a family member was visiting there a couple months back. The brand is Voluspa and the scent is Macaron. Yes, you read that right. Macaron. And it's as delicious as it sounds.

I didn't actually finish any books this month (something to do with exam stress and just wanting to watch YouTube videos in bed) but I'm planning to get back to that starting now. Psst. A new reading post coming your way soon. So since I can't talk about books in length like I usually do in these posts, I will chat about a few things that happened this month.

1. It was my birthday. I went out for pizza and delicious desserts from Milse. It was simple and an unexpectedly better day than I was negatively imagining.

2. I dyed the ends of my hair purple (as an experiment). I saw this lilac hair dye at Kmart and thought I'd give it a go as I fancied a change. Side note: I need a haircut and my regrowth is atrocious but I'm kind of digging it.

3. I met an online friend in real life! My blogging friend Sophie. We had dessert at Miann which was nice and I'd definitely go back at some stage (above is the salted caramel hazlenut ice cream we both had). Meeting new people, especially friends you've made online, is wonderful.

Now let's head right to talking about music. As usual, it's been a bit of a miss-match and I've been listening to this playlist as well as other things.

If I'm honest there's not much to talk about in terms of music this month as I've just been listening to the same things over and over again from past months and listening to old favourites.

Grimes new album Art Angels came out this month and while I haven't completely got into it yet, I have been enjoying the song Flesh Without Blood.

Also, I have to mention Catfish and the Bottlemen who I've been listening to quite a bit near the end of this month. Their album The Balcony is definitely worth checking out if you like my kind of music.

I suppose that's it for this month of round-up! I hope you have had a great month. I'm looking forward to December, and getting back into reading.


27 November 2015

Christmas Lush Haul

Yesterday I picked up some Lush bits since their Chritsmas range is now in stock. I only picked up a few things but the things I wanted the most. I may go back and get a few more things, so if you have particular favourites, let me know!

The first thing I got was The Magic of Christmas, which is designed to be swirled in the bath or crumbled under running water to create bubbles. You can reuse this one, which was one of my major reasons I picked it up. Something I don't particularly like about Lush is that you only get one, or maybe two, uses out of a bath bomb and that's not ideal with a student budget. Anyway, this product smells festive and like cinnamon (with an actual stick of cinnamon as the wand - genuis).

I also got a So White Bath Bomb - not the most exciting thing from Lush, but one of my favourites. It smells like crisp apples (and it's so delicious). I actually wanted to repurchase the So White shower gel last year but never got around to buying it, and then this year they've decided not to include it. Sad face. I'll probably use this if we have a cold or rainy day as at the moment it's boiling.

Last I got the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream (sidenote: on this bottle they misprinted it to be Shower Scream which would've been great for Halloween). The bath bomb version of this is another one of my favourite bath bombs and I bought about three in the middle of the year during the Mid-winter Christmas range. This is exactly the kind of smell that I like - it's slightly masculine (or what's considered traditionally masculine) and herbally while having a little bit of sweetness (vanilla). I'm yet to try it but I'm sure it'll be great.

If you love Lush too what are you going to buy from the Christmas range?

Emma x

24 November 2015

Bought and Liked | New Room Bits

Recently I went through the (seemingly very frequently) rearrange of my bedroom, and this time I have a few things I've bought (that are easy and cheap) to incorporate into my room. I have been a fan of copper things ever since everyone has been harping on about them, but this is my first copper item I've bought - this copper wire basket from Kmart. It was $12 I think and good quality. At the moment I'm putting the magazines I need to read in it. I didn't exactly have a purpose for it when I first bought it, but any suggestions?

I also bought this lovely butterfly history poster from Auckland Museum - as you would have seen in my last post, I visited the museum. This was $10 and that's surprisingly a good price for a gift shop, really! The poster is printed on really nice paper - apparently on Italian paper as it says in small writing at the bottom. They had a few nice ones and my friend picked up a really pretty bird one.

In a previous trip to Kmart I picked up this pink and gold spotted pillow. I love gold things as well as this shade of pink. I thought it was cute and added a little something extra to my bed. It kind of matches my current duvet too.


22 November 2015

Out and About | The Winter Gardens

Today I start a new segment on the blog where I will be talking about some of my favourite spots in Auckland or new places that I've never been to. The principal is simple: I'll be going out and about this summer and telling you about my adventures and experiences.

The first spot I'll be talking about is The Winter Gardens, in the Auckland Domain. I love coming here every now and then (and now that I've sussed how to get there with public transport) I feel like I'll be coming here more and more. The domain itself is a lovely place to walk and explore, as well as the beautiful winter gardens which you can practically take a billion photos of (it's really #instagramgoals).

It was a particularly rainy and gloomy day (especially for it being Spring in New Zealand), however I didn't mind too much because there's something really nice about rainy weather that I like. However, it wasn't too great walking and taking the bus back, where it decided to pour down.

After a bit of walking our feet were starting to hurt so we walked up the hill to Auckland Museum and the cafe inside to grab something to eat. I'm not going to review the food or anything, but it was perfectly fine, standard cafe food.

It was pretty busy in the museum - it was a Saturday after all. My friend introduced me to the loveliness of walking around the exhibits listening to music with your earphones. I feel like coming to the museum, or an art gallery, and doing that alone would be a cool thing to do. I feel like I need to do things more things alone and just enjoy my own company and music.

There was a special exhibition that I particularly liked as I'd seen most of the rest of the museum. Buildings like this one are just great to walk around in, and I can't express my love for it even if I tried. Even if you don't live in Auckland, every city is bound to have it's own museum of some kind, and it's lovely to explore places like that.

Overall I enjoyed going out this day, and am excited to go out to more places seeming I have quite a bit of time off in the next few months. I've learned I need to get out of the house often otherwise I feel unproductive even when I don't need to be, if that makes sense.

I also made another edition of Snippets #3 which you may have seen on my YouTube channel. I recorded it with my new phone and am happy with how it turned out! Hope you enjoy, and tell me if you have any places like this in your cities? I did another post about The Winter Gardens a while back, too.



17 November 2015

Beauty Products I've Used Up

I thought it was about time for another 'empties' style post as I haven't been talking about beauty much on the blog recently. Some of these products are things you'll see me buying all the time, but I'll take this opportunity to give you my honest thoughts on these products now they're all used up (with some questionable looking, scratched up packaging!).
Lush Snowman Shower Jelly: Let me start off by saying this has my favourite scent from Lush ever. It smells incredibly sweet, and kind of like blackberries, but there's something so intoxicating about it. This stuff lasts SO long, and while it's a bit inconvenient to use, it makes your skin so soft and the scent lingers.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub: This smells super fresh and lovely. It is a really nice scrub and generally I think all the body products from The Body Shop are good.

Simple Rich Moisturiser: I've been using this again for the past few weeks after I found other moisturisers were clogging up my skin a bit and generally not leaving a fresh feel to my skin. This moisturiser is really basic but works perfectly at not being oily. I've since purchased another one.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: I've now tried three versions of micellar water and this one is probably my least favourite. It is very liquidy (sounds weird because it's meant to be - but I think it's just a bit too watery), the smell isn't my favourite, and there is a possibility it may have broken out my skin. Overall it was good, but I think there are better micellar waters out there.

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap: I used this up ages ago, but from memory this was just okay, really. I tried to make this little pot last, but I don't think it's worth buying. It smells super lovely (like musky sweet strawberries) and it did leave my skin soft, but it's not something I immediately want to go out and buy again.

Bioderma Make-up Removing Micelle Solution: This micellar water I did prefer. I felt like it wasn't stripping on the skin and removed make-up very well. I would buy this over the Garnier version even though it's a bit more expensive, especially with it not being exactly easy to find in New Zealand.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (in 010 Light Porcelain): I never thought I'd actually finish a foundation but here we are! This is my go-to foundation because it's light enough for my skin and gives off a radiant glow. I don't think this is my perfect foundation, but I still like it. It is quite pink-based so I feel like I need something a little more neutral.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (in 15 Fair): This is such a glowy, radiant concealer which I find is great for under the eyes. I do use this around my face sometimes too because it doesn't cling to dry patches, but sometimes it can look a little oily if you don't powder well. Still one of my go-to concealers!

Lush Celestial Facial Moisturiser: This was such a lovely moisturiser - I was convinced I'd found a holy grail product once I'd used it. However, I feel like if I use this too much, or everyday, my skin can get a little clogged up because it's not light enough. I'm not sure if I'll buy this again for that reason, but honestly, this helps so much to get rid of redness (probably down to the almond oil) because you wake up in the morning with calm, glowing skin. It also smells lovely and lasts AGES despite looking like it wouldn't.


15 November 2015

This Week: Finishing Uni, Art Exhibition & Summer

A 'This Week' post hasn't been seen around these parts in a while. I feel like now is a good time to talk a little bit about what's been happening in my life and what's going to happen next. The truth is, I've been feeling uninspired (still) with my blog, and it's probably a combination of being busy with exams and not having time to think creatively, and not having any ideas for posts. When I start thinking about making posts, I just don't feel motivated to grab my camera and shoot some nice pictures, or make a genuine post with genuine helpful advice or something of interest. It's been this way for a string of many weeks, but I am now completely done with my first year of Uni, so theoretically I literally have nothing much else to think about than blogging. It's so weird having nothing to do when you think you should be revising or doing something.

I applied for lots of jobs the other day, so hopefully I'll be able to make a little money over the summer. Even if it's just casual work, it's nice having a bit of money to treat yourself. Something I haven't been doing lately. I have one or two holidays planned for over the summer so that should be nice. I am also planning to get out lots with friends and just visit all those places I've been meaning to go to. I'm excited to head out and take pictures, eat nice food, and spend time with friends. I have three and a half months off now, so I know I need to start being a bit productive while also having a few lazy days here and there (it happens every summer but I literally get so bored - I'm trying not to).

On Friday night I went to my friend's art school exhibition to view all the work the students had done for the year. It was really interesting and cool. I've always been interested in art and try to make some kind of meaning out of things even if you're one of those people that don't 'get' art. I sometimes wish I was more of an artist (I just don't think I have the artistic ability) but I'm actually making an effort to write and draw in a black-paged notebook, and I'm thinking I'm going to go out and buy some new paintbrushes too.

The day I post this it's actually my birthday, so I'm one year older - nineteen. I'd be lying if I wasn't absolutely terrified at turning twenty next year. I'm not really a fan of birthdays to be honest, but I'll try and make the most of it.


6 November 2015

Transitional | Outfit Post

I love autumn and winter a whole lot for fashion reasons because I feel more at home in my cosy jumpers and layers as opposed to things that show a lot of skin. Transitional seasons, autumn and spring, are super nice because I can still pop on a jacket without feeling like I'm going to overheat or freeze to death. It's coming up to summer in New Zealand so I'll have to make the most of this jacket wearing weather now.

On today's outfit agenda is my favourite ripped up jacket, a dark coloured crop top and my new button-up skirt in black. I have a feeling I will be wearing this jacket in a lot in upcoming days as it's not too warm (with all the rips!) and it's easily paired with a lot of things. And I have a dark purple lip on as an ode to the end of autumn (which happened a while ago, Emma).

Jacket - Forever 21 MEN
Top - Factorie
Skirt - Mink Pink (Wildpair)
Shoes - Mirrou
Sunglasses - The Bread and Butter Letter Store
Lipstick - Maybelliene Colour Drama in Very Berry

The day I took these photos (yesterday, when this post goes live) was a super sunny day and it made me want to go outside a little instead of staying cooped up inside, studying. Ah, the struggle of trying to stay motivated during this time.

My blog has been on a bit of a bad streak but I will be right back at it with exciting new posts because I'll have a lot of time off. I'm so looking forward to going out and doing things with my friends after exams finish. Only a few more days left.

(And one of my favourite things is about summer is having an excuse to wear sunglasses 24/7).


3 November 2015

Current Style Favourites

I thought rather than the regular outfit post, I would talk you through some of my style favourites - e.g. how I like to wear things day to day. I hope you find a little bit of inspiration while reading/looking!

I am a huge lover of stripes - if you know me you'll certainly know that. The other day I paired this cropped navy and white stripped jumper with my gingham/checkered dress that I got from an Opshop (originally from Boohoo though). In a weird way I've discovered mixing a big print with a little one works quite nicely!
T-shirts with slogans, graphics or an ode to something wonderful are my absolute favourite. This summer I predict I will be wearing comfy shirts with cute illustrations like this one from society 6/cactei store (inspired by my fave film Submarine of course) or oversized shirts with cool things on them like an ode to Back To The Future. I feel like you can get so many cute shirts from society 6/etsy/opshops and your equivalent to Kmart! (p.s. I have my eye on this shop and I want everything from it (cute quirky shirts included).

Button up skirts are a thing (as I'm sure you've noticed) and I am a rather big fan of them. They work well with any kind of cropped or oversized top and there's just something about them that makes me think I can look like Alexa Chung. Let's be honest.

What are you current style favourites?

Emma x
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