29 September 2015


September seemed like a busy month, I feel like it's gone really fast and now we're almost onto October?! This month was just all about Uni really, with being back from the two week break and everything. The second semester is nearly over though - in a few weeks it'll be exam time unfortunately. But hey - on to better and more exciting things like summer and holidays.
In terms of beauty, this month was slightly better than last. There are a couple new discoveries and a couple of things I've had for a while but have particularly been loving lately. The Balm Hot Mama Shadow + Blush is my cheek go-to right now as it's getting warmer in New Zealand and I fancy a coral/orange blush with a highlight rather than a standard rosy pink. I've had this for a while but haven't really used it much. I think now that it's Spring I'll be getting some use out of it. The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation was repurchased this month (I can't believe I used up a whole foundation though?) so that's why it's here in my favourites. I've tried a couple other foundations, but I always go back to this one. Again, it's a more summery one with a light coverage (also it's pale enough!).

One of the new discoveries was the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner. Oh wow, I'm in love. I'd heard a bit about this brand and really wanted to try their shampoo + conditioners. I was going to pick up the coconut conditioner they have but it was sold out in the supermarket I went to. I tried this one and it's amazing. I'd go as far to say it's the best conditioner I've tried. It makes my hair just feel so soft and when you rinse it out in the shower your hair will feel like silk. It also smells really incredible - I'm not sure what it smells of exactly but I like it. Lastly I have to mention the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz which I got this month. It just makes my eyebrows look a lot more shaped and filled in. I did a post about the product here so check that out if you want.
One thing to mention this month is that the last couple of weeks I've been trying to eat a little more healthier. I'm glad summer's coming around because there's all the lovely fruit and vegetables to eat. I've been making smoothies every day or every couple of days and it's wonderful. My new favourite thing is Unsweetened Almond Milk which I have with frozen/fresh berries, frozen mango and frozen banana. I don't really like the taste of normal milk while I do quite like the taste of almond milk. The smoothies are filling and it makes sure you get all the nutrients from fruit (and vegetables if you juice). I've been loving watching Shaaanxo's vlogs because she's inspired me to start being a bit healthier and make healthy smoothies.
Here's a shocker for you: I have barely read a whole book this month. I feel so bad! I want to read but this month I ended up not finishing two books I started and then I just managed to finish Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne before the month ended.

I think this book is my favourite out of Holly Bourne's books. I liked the idea of a story about someone with a mental illness, in this case OCD. This book has lots of stuff about feminism dotted in it too which I found really interesting and refreshing. The way the story was written was good and overall the reading experience for this was (a bit emotional for me) and it was easy to like the characters and get invested in what was going on. This is a pretty rubbish 'review' but I'm bad at describing/writing about books so all I'll say is I would recommend this one if you're a fan of YA fiction! Holly Bourne is a fantastic author. I've also finished my Good Reads Reading Challenge for this year. I aimed to read 30 books, and that's what I've done, quite ahead of schedule.

In terms of entertainment, I have been loving watching Netflix documentaries. There's something so interesting about watching them and I prefer it over fiction sometimes as it's easier to watch. Some of the ones I've watched recently are Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Fed Up, The Queen of Versailles and The True Cost. The True Cost really opened my eyes up to the world of 'fast fashion' and what those consequences can be. So much so that I've decided to do a Uni assignment inspired by it, so we'll see how that goes. I liked all of those ones so check them out if you get a chance!

Oscars Hotel of Fantastical Creatures is something I am enjoying watching. If you didn't know, YouTuber KickthePJ created this mini-series and it's currently being released weekly. They are about 10 minutes each and the production quality is really amazing. It costs about $15 on Vimeo but it's worth it because you're supporting the artist and everyone who joined together to make it.

As for music, Troye's new music was released this month and my favourite songs are Wild, Fools and Ease. Disclosure dropped a new album and while I haven't listened to it, I'm in love with the song Magnets which Lorde sings in. (Lorde - please make new music soon).

The two biggest music happenings of the month were definitely the release of Lana Del Rey's new album Honeymoon and CHVRCHES new album Every Open Eye.

I swear Lana needs to come and do a tour in NZ because I would so come. My favourite songs from the album are Honeymoon, Terrence Loves You and Art Deco.

CHVRCHES album is so cool, I absolutely love it. My favourite songs so far are Leave A Trace, High Enough To Carry You Over and Bury It. To be honest I love most songs so listen to them all.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What were your favourite things of September?

24 September 2015

Reading List #3

I feel like I've been in a bit of a reading funk for a while. I haven't read many books over the last couple of months and often I find myself starting and not finishing a book because I'm just 'too busy'. Of course, this is utter nonsense because I could fit in an hour of reading before bed each night, but most of the time watching Netflix is easier. I'm hoping I'll get back into reading soon, and I have the summer holidays approaching so I'll have loads of time to get stuck into many books. Anyway... here's a pile of books I've borrowed from the library and hopefully I've get through most of them.

1. Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne: This was released in August, so it's Holly Bourne's most recent venture into the world of novels. I have really liked reading the two other books from her so I expect I'll like this one too. I'm actually reading this one at the moment, and in short it's about a girl who has OCD. I find I'm comparing it to Finding Audrey a bit, which I really enjoyed. I like this one so far, so I'll see how it goes!

2. Lobsters By Tom Allen and Lucy Ivison: This one seems like the perfect summer beach read. It's labelled "A socially awkward love story" on the front cover. I heard about this book through Hayley's blog and she gave it a really good review + rating so I thought I'd give it a go. This might be the perfect book to get me out of this funk.

3. Paperweight By Meg Haston: Paperweight is a book about eating disorders, so I'm guessing this will be a somewhat heavy read (no pun intended... oh my). I don't know much about this book because I literally hate spoilers, so it's not like I've read all the reviews about it or any other books. I like going into books with an open mind, so I'll see how this one fares out.

4. The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins: Oh yes. It's that book everyone was talking about a few months ago. I requested it from the library and it originally had probably a couple hundred requests on it before me. I finally have it, so hopefully it will be a good one. This is a thriller type book from my understanding, so I'm excited to read something more page turning than the romances I've been reading lately.

5. The Opposite of Loneliness By Marina Keegan: So this one has been a bit of a fail already because I read a couple of the essays/stories in the book and then had to take it back to the library because it was overdue. I might pick this up again at some stage, but for now I guess it's just not meant to be. You can read more about what the book is about by following the link, but from what I read I quite liked the first couple stories Marina wrote.

What have you been reading lately? Got any tips for getting out of a reading slump?

20 September 2015

This Week: Actually Not Procrastinating for Once & Short Hairstyles

This week has gone pretty slow thinking about it. I've only been back at Uni for one week but it seems like longer. Today (Saturday, as I'm writing this) it's felt like a really long day because I've got through a lot of work. I'm pretty much your average procrastinator, putting off starting that essay because why would I do that if I can watch Netflix? But for once I actually had a productive day and it was WONDERFUL. You know that The Magic of Tidying Up book that every blogger is talking about? There should be one for getting shit done. It made me think of turning a bad day into a good one and so on. All that cliche magical stuff. It made me actually want to do things in my life. I worked on an essay which I'm actually pretty chuffed with (and it's not due until next Friday) and I rearranged and (somewhat) redecorated my whole bedroom. Which did involve copious amounts of blu tack, if your'e going to ask. I might do a post on it? It doesn't look too different.

I'm sure by now, if you are a regular reader around here, that you'll know these This Week posts are absolute rubbish and I'm literally just typing out what comes out of my brain. Right now for example I am feeling in quite an inspired and creative mood. It feels really, really good. I've been thinking about filming videos a bit lately as well. I've got quite a few ideas for blog posts going around in my head as well, one being a short hairstyles post of all the hairstyles I am now going with post haircut. If that's something you'd like to see give me a shout. I'm so sorry for this post and if you reached the end then congratulations.

{first picture is of the cafe This That which I really enjoyed visiting on Monday during my Uni break - I always love finding new cafes to go to!}

18 September 2015

The 'Death' of Print

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to discuss something a little bit different from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts that I usually have on my blog. I thought it would be interesting to have a chat about print media and the "death" of print. Is it dying? What do you think?

This is something I think quite a bit about and I always come back to writing about it at some point. I did my Year 13 Media Studies magazine article and design on the downfall of print. I did my Year 13 design essay on the art and craft movement and the importance of hand-made. It's always something I come back to. I love magazines. I have a huge stack of Creme, Dolly and Girlfriend magazines in my wardrobe. I didn't question the impact or ethical questions about what are in those magazines, but they were an important part of my life I'd say. Now as I'm a communications student, I'm forced to question what is going on with the content of such girl or women magazines. I've since moved on to something I consider more 'real' - Yen and Frankie. I think this should be the future of print. I'm really interested in the actually INTERESTING articles that these magazines offer and I think we should value that.

It's kind of worrying. If you live in New Zealand, you might know Creme Magazine and now the New Zealand version of Girlfriend have/are going out of print. These were the magazines I read as a child and tween. I want to work in the magazine or publishing industry - I mean are there really any jobs out there for that sort of thing now? I suppose it's all coming onto online and social media which is interesting and still something I like. However Yen and Frankie (especially) are good quality magazines with nice paper etc. They're more like a book in a sense; something to treasure. Gossip magazines and teen magazines can easily be found in an online form. But I feel like magazines like Frankie just wouldn't be the same if it was purely online. Magazines are something to get away from the laptop, away from the internet.

In saying all of this, something I remember strongly from a horrific Year 13 Media Studies assignment is that we should embrace the internet, and media forms don't overtake others just like that, in one go. It's not a one way street - there's enough room for two cars to go down the street, or in other words, room for print and internet content together.

What do you think about this? I can't be the only one with a childhood dream of being a magazine editor for a teen magazine?

16 September 2015

Oversized Jacket

As you'll know if you read my latest This Week post, this is my Dad's old jacket I rummaged around for in his wardrobe and repurposed as my own. It's pretty great when you can dig around in your various family members wardrobes and claim something as your own. I only wish I'd discovered this a couple months ago when it was the middle of winter. For now I'll be wearing this to Uni on lazy days when it's a bit cold. It's actually quite a light weight jacket that is easy to wear with anything and it has the biggest pockets ever - perfect for storing all your stuff in e.g. earphones, bus cards, phone which is all the things that live in it now.
And would you look at that haircut. I swear your hair looks the best a day or two after the hairdresser washes it and then that magic goes away where somehow you just have ordinary hair again. Just me? I dunno. I'm still enjoying my short(er) hair though. It's not too short by some people's standards but it feels quite short for me. I really love it. It gives me more confidence somehow and I just feel happy knowing I have some kind of cool change about my appearance. It's nice to change things up and hair is hair - just cut it and it'll grow back right? Not that I necessarily want it to grow back. Washing my old mane was noooot fun.
*accidental lens flare oooh* This isn't really a great outfit. I kind of just threw it on but I feel like most of the time I just want to feel comfy and look casual. I like oversized things and button up skirts and stripes and they're all kind of just in this outfit. This striped shirt is literally my favourite shirt ever, it's the best. This skirt is quite short and a bit uncomfortable sometimes but I'll live with it.
These are also my favourite shoes at the moment. They're quite comfy, black (a bit different from normal ankle boots) and they're a little heeled so I feel taller and ultimately a bit more confident.
Outfit Details: Jacket (my Dad's), Shirt (Dotti), Skirt (H&M), Shoes (Number One Shoes).

Hope you liked this post and I'll see you in a few days for another. xx

14 September 2015

Haircut + Haircare Routine

A few days ago I got a haircut so I decided to make a video about that and what products I use with my hair. I hope you guys enjoy this video, I don't really make videos that much but we'll see how that goes. x

13 September 2015

This Week: The Chop, Acai Smoothie Bowls & Jackets From Your Dad's Wardrobe

PicMonkey Collage
It is now pretty much the end of my two week Uni break until the second half of the semester begins. For a week of this I've been sick, strapped to my bed and not even been able to do my readings. So tonsillitis wasn't fun, but at least it gave me time to catch up on my YouTube Subscription List and American Horror Story. While I've been at home for most of the holidays, bored and collecting a mountain of tissues, I'm actually kind of excited to go back to Uni and get out in the world.

My first step to doing this was going to The Little Bird Unbakery in Ponsonby. Oh my goodness. I'm in love with the place. The decor was gorgeous from the moment I stepped in, with it's greenery and brick walls, and the food was a winner as well. I had the Acai Bowl which was just really nice and I felt energised and satisfyingly full. It had banana, berry smoothie, their special granola and some kind of coconut yoghurt-like concoction. They claim to be organic, raw and vegan. I've never actually eaten anywhere that's remotely like it, so it was cool to see how the vegans do it. Seeing the vegan substitutes for things like cheese and salmon was intriguing.

That morning it was rather rainy so like you do, I delved into my Dad's wardrobe so see if they'd be any kind of jacket to hoard off the rain. I was pleasantly surprised after finding a navy/black jacket with a brown collar which was pretty warm and shower-proof. It has the perfect amount of oversizedness (yes, that's not a word). It's kind of like buying something from an opshop - here I have a rather nice jacket that I can see myself wearing with everything that I just had to do a little searching for.

I also got a haircut! I'm so pleased with it and I probably should have done it sooner. I got what could be described as a lob with a few shorter bits in the front. Short hair is awesome. I hope you guys have a fab week ahead, hopefully Uni shouldn't be too horrific for me. x

11 September 2015

Be a Wiz at Brows

I won't pretend the title of this blog post is terrible... but necessary. Recently I decided to buy the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (my shade is Medium/Ash brown). For basically $40 NZD it's a bit of a commitment, but I've heard nothing but good about this little product, and as well as that my sister so happens to be a big fan of it too, being onto her second one. It has a twist up function which brings up the product, which is a waxy small nib. The other side is a fantastic spoolie - I'd use this to comb my brows on days which I don't have eyebrow product on.

The nib is actually surprisingly quite hard when I thought it would be creamier, but the fact that it's a little harder means that it's easy to control the little hair like strokes that you made. It's really easy to achieve a natural looking brow with this. With a few strokes, filling in sparser areas of my brows, it looks that much better without looking like you're wearing anything. The quickness of it is really appealing considering I don't have tons of time to do my makeup. You can do a more harsh look with this as well, but I think I'll stick to the natural look as it can make my eyebrows look a bit look Helga-like.

The shade itself is something I had a little bit of trouble with choosing. I have blonde hair but darker, lightish brown roots and my eyebrows are pretty much just a light brown. I was hesitant in getting the Taupe Blonde shade because it don't think it would have been dark enough for my natural brow colour. As I said before in the end I got the shade Medium/Ash brown and I think it's a good match overall. I would say it does darken my eyebrows a little bit but it doesn't make them look funny or weird, like I have my eyebrow hairs and then the product on top. It matches and they look full and more shaped.

I would definitely recommend this from my first impression of it. Tell me, have you tried this or do you want to?

9 September 2015

How to Snag Something Great from an Opshop

The weekend before last I went opshopping (or thrift store shopping) and didn't really intend to buy anything, but I couldn't help but look anyway. I bought two dresses, one of which is in these photos. Clothes you buy in opshops you wouldn't necessarily find in store right now as they're not so 'on trend' at the moment. I think opshopping is a great way to buy clothes for less as well, and owning something others wouldn't have from the normal shops. I thought I would offer some of my tips when it comes to opshopping as well as my favourite opshops in the Auckland area (if you happen to live where I do).

Dress originally from Boohoo bought at Finders Keepers
IMG_0328 copy
Find some good places to shop (obviously): There are always going to be a few trustworthy places that you can rely on to have a good selection of things. I'm not just talking about something you'd actually buy, but a collection of clothes that are good quality, collated nicely and fit within your style. There are some more, what you might say, upmarket op shops which might have a more particular focus on brands for example and less items because they're slightly more picky. Sometimes these shops are wonderful but other times it's all about the really selection and budget price. If you live in Auckland, shops like The Salvation Army or Save Mart in New Lynn are great if you want to look through dozens of endless racks, but a personal favourite of mine recently has been Finders Keepers in Newmarket. The staff are friendly and the selection is smaller, feeling more like an opshop boutique. I also really like Paper Bag Princess on K Road; I'm sure if you live in Auckland you'll know K Road has a few opshops to muse in. The Recycle Boutique in town can sometimes be a bit expensive but it's worth a try. I also like a particular SPCA Opshop near my house. Having charity and sustainability in mind while shopping for your clothes is always a bonus.

Quality over quantity: Obviously when the staff of an opshop get new items in, they're going to check for stains, rips, etc and make sure it's of decent quality. However, I think it's important to really consider if you think the item your holding in your hand is actually worth buying and if it will add something to your wardrobe. I've said it before and I'll say it again, having less clothing but of higher quality or more thought towards the pieces is ideal. Unless it's a few $2 T-shirts that you know you'll chuck on all the time, sometimes you need to have a stop and think: do I really need this? Is it seasonally appropriate? Does it feel like it's good quality?
Look through everything: You will most definitely miss out on things if you don't look at everything - it's just common sense. Even if that rack of black, samey clothing doesn't look too enticing, try and sift through every item and don't skip large portions. When I was opshopping for said two dresses, I only found them at the last minute because I bothered to look at a rack near the front of the shop which I hadn't looked at first.

Hold onto the items you think you might want but you're not sure of: I've unfortunately made the mistake of putting a pair of perfectly nice black Windsor Smith sandals down because they were a little too pricey and I wasn't sure. But if I had just held onto them while I was looking around the rest of the store, that other girl wouldn't have bought them. Seeing someone else buy something you want is a sure way to make you want that thing even more - trust me.

Only get it if it fits you: I've made the mistake of buying things that don't really fit me or flatter me that much. Sure, I know I can wear anything I want, but I was never going to wear that tight, size 8 body-con dress out of the house. I mean, what was I thinking? There are just some things that I have never worn that I've bought from an opshop and that's certainly not ideal. Take some time trying your things on and only get it if you immediately think 'Yes - this does look nice!'. Just don't get it if it doesn't fit properly - those one size bigger jeans aren't going to magically resize. I've made this mistake of buying wrongly sized clothing items in normal shops too.

Also, please donate your own clothes to charity shops instead of throwing them away.
Do you like opshopping, and what are some of your tips?

2 September 2015


Spring has officially sprung in my corner of the world. The start of a new season is always exciting, and I think that Spring is about fresh starts and new possibilities. I'm looking forward to summer because I get to have a decent break from Uni and go out and do things I couldn't when it's bucketing it down outside. It has been raining quite a bit the last few days, but I do love the rain. I know I'll get sick of summer like I always do, but for now it's nice to think of the possibility of bare legs. Now that I've rambled about the weather as usual... I'll move on to explaining some of my favourites for the month of August.

In terms of beauty, this was not my month. I didn't really care about makeup, I just slapped the same old stuff on, and didn't buy anything new either. There are a few things I could mention though, and one of them is the Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner. I definitely had my moment with winged eyeliner this month, and I'd say I made good use out of the colder weather as I know I'm not going to be fussed putting on as much makeup in the summer.
Another favourite is the Revlon Pink Happiness Delicate Moments Rollerball perfume, which came in a pack of about five. I'm not that fussed on the others, but this one definitely stood out to me. There's something SO nice about this scent, it's really addicting. I'd describe it as really sweet with a somewhat musky edge to it. If I don't want to wear a proper perfume, this is nice as everyday wear to roll on your neck or wrists. I like the packaging too - you can't go wrong with a gold lid.

The Comforter from Lush is a last firm favourite. I'm sure I've mentioned this a few times on this blog, but I've been using this quite a lot recently. I can get like a month's use out of the one bubble bar. I run a little under hot water while the bath water is quite low, so that way the water pressure produces more bubbles. I don't understand people who use a whole bar or half of this in one go. It's one of the more expensive bath products from Lush, but I buy one every now and then because it lasts way longer than a bath bomb which has one or maybe two uses.
I didn't actually read that much in August - I was definitely a little bit too consumed by Uni. I have a two week break at the moment so I'm hoping I'll read a couple books during that time. Anyway - the books I read this month were All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher, Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins and Soulmates by Holly Bourne. My favourite out of the bunch was probably Isla and the Happily Ever After because Stephanie Perkin's writing literally never fails, and I do enjoy a good old romance. But, I did really enjoy reading Soulmates as well. This is my second book of Holly Bourne's and I really like what she has to offer. This story was a little different to what I expected, and it has a sci-fi type twist. That element to it is small throughout the book and then it kind of explodes at the end. I have to say, I enjoyed the parts between Noah and Poppy immensely and I didn't find the romance cliche at all really. I would recommend reading this one.

Carrie's book was a nice one to read, and reading non fiction in the midst of many YA fiction books is sometimes a blessing. Her book is kind of what I expected in a good way, and her personality shines through so much in the book. When I was reading, I was saying the sentences in my head as I would imagine her saying it in her YouTube videos. If you're a fan of Carrie and what she has to say, undoubtedly read - and I also feel like this would be a good book to read if you were a little younger than myself; it's basically advice from an older sister.

As always you can follow me/become my friend on Good Reads to see what I'm reading throughout the month. I'm one book away from my Reading Challenge this year, so that's great news!
My household got Netflix this month, so you could say that's been a bit of a distraction from my Uni work. There's something so great about Netflix - just dozens of shows and movies to watch at your disposal. I started watching The Killing (finishing Season 1) and while I like it, it was a little bit slow in parts. I started watching American Horror Story and you could say all my attention has gone to that for the past couple of weekends. I've heard some people don't like this show, but I have to say, I really do like it. I've watched House and Asylum and at the moment I'm on Coven. I think House is my favourite so far, but there were parts to Asylum which were really engaging and interesting. I love murder/crime/horror (but not too much) shows, it's really the only thing I can watch apart from the odd comedy.

In terms of music, I felt like August was a good month for it. There are some random songs in there, but I feel like out of the playlist I could talk about:

FKA Twigs has been big in my playlist this month, and I am loving M3LL155X- my favourite song is definitely Glass and Patron.

Tame Impala has rejoined my Spotify playlist this month too, and I've been listening to some of their new album Currents. I like the song The Less I Know The Better the most. Haim did a remix of the song Cause I'm a Man and I'M IN LOVE.

I can't wait for Lana Del Rey's new album, so I've currently been listening to High By The Beach and Honeymoon.

I also discovered Catfish and the Bottlemen (really into it), and got back to listening to The xx (I seem to be the only person I know who actually loves and appreciates their music).

And that one The Weeknd song, okay? It's really addicting. And Kanye's dancing...

I hope you have had a good month and I will see you in a few days for another post! Tell me, what have been some of your favourite things this month?
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