31 May 2015

This Week: Winter Is Coming & Online Shopping

This week I have really felt the cold. We're moving swiftly away from Autumn and into Winter. For today's post, I'm not going to talk about the weather too much though, because that's a little dull. I do however want to talk a little about winter fashion. It's a great thing, isn't it? I have already purchased a gorgeous oversized scarf that I'm eagerly awaiting to arrive.

I'm yet to find the perfect roll neck/high neck sweater though, and these are some of my options. Some aren't quite ideal, are a bit too expensive or aren't in my size! It's a pain that asos and various other sites does not have too much winter fashion remaining as it's all about spring/summer trends now in the northern hemisphere.

One of my favourite parts of cold weather is having lots of baths. I think I have way too many baths, really. But it's the only thing I feel like doing to relax and read a book when I get home. If you want to check out what I'm reading you can follow me on goodreads. I have recently picked up The Comforter Bubble Bar and Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb from Lush, so I'm looking forward to using those up.

On another note I have had a very good Saturday. A good mix of productiveness and laziness. Those days are always the best as I can go to sleep knowing I've done something but I've enjoying my weekend too. At the moment NZ is in the midst of Queen's Birthday Weekend so I'll be enjoying my time off whilst I study a little and most importantly, sleep-in.

It's the last day of May so I'll be posting a monthly round up post in the next few days. Hope your week ahead is good x

29 May 2015

Video: Snippets #1

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 3.58.44 pm
Over the past few days or so I've bought out my camera and filmed a few things, edited it, and this is the result. I hope to do more of these one minute videos to capture a bit of my life. I hope you guys like it, it's nothing great but I kind of like making videos...


26 May 2015

Who I'm Loving on YouTube

I've seen a few people do a post like this one, namely Anna and Tenneil. Youtube is a huge part of my life, and I'm not even kidding... I watch it over watching TV shows/films, reading books, studying, sleeping. I love watching video content. It shows with the number of subscriptions I have: 227. I thought I'd tell you some of the people I enjoy watching - I'm only counting the people that make me want to click on their video straight away and I feel most excited to watch. Without further ado...

Extrasunbeamsjess: I have to say, I mostly prefer watching vlogs over main channel videos nowadays. Jess' vlogs are some of my faves, and to aid the fact she isn't doing daily vlogging or anything, I watched her entire Vlogmas from 2013 in one day. I'm obsessed with her life... even when she is at Uni studying, I still find it interesting.

Arden Rose: I've proclaimed my adoration for Arden on here before, but she has to be given a mention. I love her personality and attitude about life the most. She's just so care free and quirky and cool, and I love watching her vlog with Will. (He follows me on Tumblr - fangirling!)

PJTheKick (or KickThePJ): I pretty much love either of his channels, but I've especially been loving his vlogs at the moment. When you begin watching, you will see he's such a creative and cool guy. He made a short film called Oscars Hotel which you may have heard of, and he's currently in LA turning it into a TV mini series.

Everything Dan and Phil: Once again my fangirl is coming out, but I adore Dan and Phil and will watch anything and everything they upload on their main channels and gaming channel. I'm not into gaming channels, but theirs I totally am...

Fran Meneses: I discovered this gem thanks to Essie Button. I am loving her 'Letters to Ed' series at the moment and I equally love Ed's (her husband's) channel. She's a really creative person and I love her typography she puts in her videos. She has such a cute personality and her and Ed are adorable.

LordLouisLou: This is a recent favourite. I'm not going to lie when I say that I like his channel because he's a pretty attractive British dude with floppy hair... but there's other reasons too. (Totally). On a serious note, I just really enjoy listening to what he has to say and his channel is awesome.

MoreZoella: I know, I know. Zoella. Everyone knows her. But I just really like watching her vlogs and she instantly makes me feel better. She's really positive and cheery, there's nothing better than watching a 20 minute long vlog from her.

CaseyNeistat: This is another recent subscription, but after Alannah told me I should watch his vlogs, I did, and I loved. Everyone's pretty much been loving him at the moment, but if you haven't heard of him, go and check his channel out. His daily vlogs are like no other and are really inspiring overall.

Essiebuttonvlogs: Once again, more vlogs! I have loved Essie Button's vlogs from when I first discovered her channel. She's so real and down to earth and funny. I just generally enjoy seeing what she gets up to every now and then, and I love looking at what she's wearing!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, let me know who you love watching on YouTube. x

24 May 2015

This Week: $3 Drinks, Stress & Friends From High School

This week wasn't too exciting really. It went so fast, with a click of the fingers. Autum prettiness is still in full swing and there are so many orange crunchy leaves everywhere. The day I am writing this (Saturday), it's pouring down with rain outside my bedroom window and the day has been horrible, weather wise. When it rains, people always comment on how it's such a 'horrible' day, but rain is sometimes nice you know, when you can spend hours in bed with the electric blanket on and not doing much. Life is slowing down a little after most of my assignments are done, although I still have one group presentation to do next week. And then exams begin... and eventually a much needed month off.

It continues to amaze me how going to Uni is pretty rad most of the time - you have loads of places at your doorstep for you to go and explore. Even if that means not venturing much and huddling away from the rain/cold inside pretty cafes which have $3 student discount drinks (not to mention the amazing $3 Korean Pancake shop 2 minutes walk away from Uni). My life is pretty much full of debating whether to spend money on food or starve and always going for the cheap option... This week I caught up with some high school friends for a bit of lunch and that was nice, because there's really a whole host of people you are able to see at this moment, Emma, so spending time with different people doing different things is good.

I'll try to get my head into revision mode this next week! Hope you enjoy your week everyone x

20 May 2015

Smile, Autumn Days Are Here

...Or rather, ending very soon, but I'll try and make the most of it.
IMG_9169 copy
IMG_9199 copy
Hello! This was my attempt at a rare outfit post today. Autumn is personally my favourite time to dress as it's all about layering and pretty colours, not to mention dark coloured lips and nails. For this outfit I'm wearing I opted for plain black jeans as they go with everything, a camel coloured cardigan, a navy print top, a lightweight scarf and a pair of tan ankle boots. The day these photos were taken, it was really chilly. We're going right into winter soon...
IMG_9108 copy copy
Today I want to talk a little about music. I've been obsessed with this Spotify Playlist. It's got a mix of all the things I love about music and even though I don't necessarily know all of the songs, I get to hear something different and cool each time. The lovely person who made this playlist is LordLouisLou who has a great YouTube channel I discovered at the weekend. I love finding talented people and I could pretty much spend my whole weekend watching YouTube and discovering new rad people. With that thought... who are some of your favourite YouTubers? Small or big, any type!
IMG_9202 copy
I'm wearing... Cardigan from Gap / Top (barely seen) from H&M / Jeans from Mirrou / Scarf from The Third Eye / Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters / Bag from ASOS / Boots from Glassons / Rings from Pandora and Forever 21 / Lipstick is Rimmel 107.
Hope you liked this post! x

17 May 2015

This Week: Looking at Art & The Fun That Is Group Presentations

I apologise that I've not been posting maybe as much as I have been in the past because Uni is busy at the moment. It's dying down though as exams are coming up and then I'll have a break before Semester 2. The only posts I can manage to write up are updates on my life, which isn't really that exciting at all, but here we are again for another week.

Last week I spoke about how I'd been liking Yoga and funnily enough, this week that's taken a bit of a backseat because I haven't had time (excuses) - rather I'd prefer to just get into bed and sleep because I'm so darn tired. I will get back to that one though once I'm in a better frame of mind.

This week Uni has just overtaken everything - it's stressful but I've had two essay marks back and I'm happy with what I got. I had my first group presentation which went pretty well. I have to say I do not exactly love group presentations, or any presentations for that matter. I'm not a natural at speaking to an audience and sometimes working with people who don't share the same ideas you have is annoying. It can also be a little fun though and I always remind myself that it's not such a big deal as I make it up to be. Uni is kind of cool sometimes, but other times I'm sat wondering what on earth I'm doing with my life... in between existential crises, I'll visit the Auckland Art Gallery and take a gander. (That is not the type of thing I say, but it just... typed it self??). If you don't live in Auckland, you wouldn't know really know the art gallery, but it's a cool building and so close to my Uni. Sometimes Uni is like a never-ending fun palace with friends, when I'm not stressing about assignments.

Sorry if this was extremely boring, but I don't have much to talk about apart from Uni. I'll save some of it for my diary... haha. Hope you have a good week, I'm going to try and enjoy my Sunday without too much work x

{I thought it might be cool to include a most-listened-to song of this week in this post too. This song title is so appropriate right now too, so there's that. I am absolutely smitten with Arcade Fire's music now, especially the album The Suburbs. Give it a listen.}

13 May 2015

Hawaii Photo Diary

It's been a few weeks since I got back from Hawaii but I've only gotten around to sorting through and editing photos for this Hawaii Photo Diary. I am trying to do this with all the places I visit/go on holiday (not too many so far though), so I hope you enjoy looking through the photos, there's nothing much else to it! I've written a little bit about my trip in previous post(s) so feel free to go back through the archives. I would love to go back to Hawaii, I miss it so much actually! x
Kaanapali, Maui
Sunset at Kaanapali
Napili Bay, Maui where we were swimming and saw a turtle! (Totally didn't run out of the water)
At the summit of a volcano called Haleakala, which is a third of the height of Mt. Everest, apparently
Sunbathing & swimming at the beach
The light was really beautiful
More beach! On this day I think we saw a whale splashing out on the horizon
In Honolulu
Being up in the clouds on the volcano was pretty amazing
The beautiful beach in Maui
The view and atmosphere on this evening was so nice

Going through these photos and making this post has made me feel very sad I'm not there! :( It was one of those 'pinch me' moments. I'll always have my memories, I guess!

10 May 2015

This Week: Yoga, Hair Inspiration & Overall Reinventing

One of the biggest things on my mind in the last few weeks is getting my hair cut shorter. I'm in need of a change. I'm so sick of my long, annoying hair which takes an age to dry and it just stays flat and greasy. I'm planning to get my hair cut in the next few weeks and the hair I've been coveting (appropriate) over most is Alix's from I Covet Thee. I'm feeling the balayage vibes and maybe shorter bits at the front. I've had a bad experience with chopping my hair shorter, but this time I don't want anything too dramatic - a long bob with some pretty highlights.

This week has been absolutely beautiful - the colours of Autumn in my city are stunning and I've never really appreciated it before. I think Autumn is officially my favourite season as it's not too hot and not too cold. I can sleep at night without it being freezing or way too hot. Hooray!

Anyway, moving on to something slightly less dull than talking about the weather, I've started yoga. I've done it a couple times since writing this post and I can already feel a difference. A difference in my mindset, perhaps? I feel really calm and sleepy when I finish right before hopping into bed and reading a book. I used to think Yoga was just another one of those fads - just something that didn't really work. You know, I kind of thought meditation and all that was pointless. There are no drastic changes yet, but I really want to work on being more active and doing it in ways that I feel comfortable. I've been doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene. I'm not sure if I'll keep doing it day by day or just repeat some days if I feel like I want to. She's so calming and open about things, it's just a really soothing thing to do - (although yoga is actually quite hard and requires some serious upper body strength). If you try this or decide to try it, let me know how it goes!

So, overall reinventing is what I'm thinking this week. Making some changes, feeling present, and trying not to worry too much. I'll try and enjoy this autumn prettiness! x

6 May 2015

Lust List #2

I clearly haven't done one of these in a while! I thought this would be the perfect post to do right now as I'm super busy with Uni assignments. This time I only have a few things that I'm lusting after because I bought lots of things in America.

There are a couple things I'm itching to get my hands on - these UrbanEars Head Phones for example. You can get them from Urban Outfitters - I love that store. It's free shipping over $50 so once I save up I definitely want to invest in a better pair of earphones/headphones. I've never actually owned any headphones but from borrowing my brothers, I really like the idea of them and the fact they have a better sound quality than in-ear earphones. I love the colour grey (is it a colour?), so I would definitely get the grey, or perhaps the white, but they may get a bit dirty...

I'm never far from browsing on ASOS, and the one thing I've got my eye on is this 'I love you a latte' slogan shirt. It's just adorable, isn't it? It's exactly what I need in my life. Too bad it's pretty much out of stock, I'll have to wait for my size to become available again. Speaking of clothing, I feel like some mid to dark wash denim jeans are missing from my wardrobe. I would ideally like a pair from Topshop as I know their quality is really good compared to other lower priced brands. I have a pair of black Jamie jeans (I think?) with knee rips but since winter's coming up I need a simple pair of jeans without any rips to get me through. The ones above are something I'd like but not the exact pair I may get.

Let's face it... my mind is never far from Lush. My bank account balance is just not suitable for too many Lush items at the moment, however I want to do a bit of a spree at some stage, because I really want to get some bath bombs for winter. I haven't tried the ones above - the Honey Bee Bath Bomb and the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, but those are going straight to my list for things to buy from there.

Do you guys like the look of anything here? Let me know x

3 May 2015

This Week: The Arden Rose Obsession, Books & Embracing Autumn

PicMonkey Collage
I was kind of struggling to think of something to write about this week, and when my thoughts wander, where do they go to? A person called Arden, of course. Naturally, I spent all of yesterday watching her videos instead of writing an essay, but sometimes you've just got to say 'Fuck it' and not write the essay. I've fallen in love with someone! Check out her YouTube channel. There are just those people who you can't help but love because of their stupid attitude and random hilariousness. People you want to be like, or even be, because they're literally so awesome and don't give a what. I don't really know, okay. That's what's on my mind.

This week I read a book, and it was nice. I'm at a struggle of wanting to enjoy books but also wanting to read as many as I can, and sometimes I just don't have the time for it. *Insert a million excuses on why I can't do anything ever here*. Of course I have time, people. It scares me to think that last year I barely read books at all - one occasionally dotted here and there, but nothing I ever stuck to. So I've fallen in love with Good Reads and the Auckland Library website, of course. Speaking of books, I've (kind of) finished off the pile of books I got out from the library, so if you wanna hit me up with any of your YA suggestions I'll be happy to hear about them.

And... autumn! We're halfway through and when I think about it autumn may be my favourite season. Not too hot, not too cold, not too much rain (erm, unlikely in Auckland, though). I really want to embrace seasons and everything, like drinking hot drinks and rugging up in scarves and whatnot but I never seem to for some reason? I also want to pick up a whole lotta things from Lush when I get some spare moolah, because there's nothing better than a hot bath with some new Lush things.

I suppose this was just a bit of a ramble about a few things, and a summary of some things on my mind from this week. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and a good week ahead! x

2 May 2015


IMG_8749 copy
The month of April was full of some exciting things, such as going to Hawaii for two weeks! I was in America for half of the month so kind of missed the transition from Summer to Autumn as it was still really warm when I left. It's starting to cool down now and I'm glad about that in some ways. There's nothing better than watching lots of episodes of a TV show and snuggling up in bed, is there?

The last week or so has been full of Uni assignments and trying to get them done. I have one essay to go this semester and then exams, and finally it's winter break time. I can just imagine all the sorts of things I'm going to be doing during that time, and I can't wait! For now I will soak up the last remaining bit of sun and try to get better at this whole life balancing thing. I really miss Hawaii! Post holiday blues are strong at this moment in time.
I'm quite excited to talk about beauty this month as I bought a bunch of stuff while I was away in America. All the stuff you see above was bought there, and I can't help but love this month. The first product is a concealer which essiebutton uses and recommends. Overall I love this as it's so lightweight (so there's no chance of creasing) and I prefer to dab in with my fingers instead of a brush. I don't know how good this is at erasing really dark circles as that's not one of my biggest problems, but it works well for me.

The second product is a nail polish. I can't get enough of different nail polishes and no matter how much I want to own the whole essie range, it's just not possible. Essie nail polishes are really expensive when bought in NZ so I grabbed a couple while in America and so far I've tried this one on my digits. It's such a 'me' colour - a muted purple grey brown (called Smokin' Hot, by the way). If I had known how good this next product would be, I would have got at least two bottles of the stuff. It's Dove's Dry Shampoo - finally a dry shampoo that doesn't make my hair feel absolutely gross. It controls the oil well and leaves my hair looking refreshed and shiny. It basically makes your hair look fab if it's looking drab when you wake up.

Of course I have to mention the wonderful Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush - mine is in Blushing Bride. The packaging is gorgeous in itself and the result on my cheeks is subtle but really nice; just a flush of colour as you'd expect. This past week I've really been loving the power of blush - up until now I've never really worn it but now I don't think I could go a day without it. I did also forget to photograph a particular face mask I picked up from Sephora, but I may include that in another post/next month's roundup.
Fashion-wise, I picked up some gems in America. My favourite clothing item I bought would quite possibly be this gorgeous button up skirt (they're fake buttons though) from H&M. The colour is lovely and I adore this style of skirt. It has pockets too - pockets!! Until recently I only had one pair of good sunglasses so I picked up some from Urban Outfitters - a round cat-eye style with a tortoiseshell type design on the rim. Because they're more brown coloured I feel like they're really flattering and not too harsh looking on the face. They make everything look like an instagram photo too - like an yellow toned filter, haha.

Something else I got from UO are these cat earrings - they're just so cute, there's not much else to say about them. They're sterling silver too so there's no chance they'll get all rusty and discoloured. I'll also quickly mention a candle from Bath & Body Works named Mahogany and Teakwood which smells musky and dark, kind of like a typical man smell. I love lighting this when I'm in the bath, reading a book! Speaking of books...
What are my favourites this month, you might ask? Basically everything I got a chance to read this month. I read three books in Hawaii and a fourth at home. My favourite of the bunch would have to be Trouble by Non Pratt. Get your hands on this book if you've not read it already - I loved it. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes would have to be a close second - a beautiful story which is worth reading. Submarine by Joe Dunthorne can't not be a favourite seeming it's based on my favourite movie. So glad I got around to reading this; I enjoyed the humour, the characters I already knew and loved, the underlying message, and even the font style and size (am I the only one who loves a book more if the font style and size is really nice?). The last book I read from this lot was The Mannifesto On How To Be Interesting and I did really enjoy this one too. I definitely liked the second half of the book way better than the first. Once you get into it, it's hard to put down.

I have been listening to Muse an obscene amount in the past month. It's verging on obsession as they're the only thing I want to listen to.  I had a phase with Muse in like Year 11 but somehow I just really like them right now?

When I was in Hawaii, they're practically the only thing I listened to as well. Apologies for that because this month isn't really an interesting music one - I think I'm one to just listen to a few albums/one artist for weeks and weeks until I get sick of them.

If I had to name a few favourite song choices from Muse right now I would say Bliss, Plug in Baby and Fillip. But if you're not into Muse then there are a few different songs in there, including a couple songs from San Cisco's new album Gracetown which I happen to really like.

PicMonkey Collage
Links + Loves: - Fran's videos, especially her 'Let's go out!' and 'Let's go draw!' videos; Her husband's 'Shoot film' videos - amazing!; Carrie's fairly new YouTube channel - her videos are such good quality seeing she has just started and I love her personality; Arden's vlogs; Chloe's DIY Wood Clothes rack in under 15 mins; likewise her stunning 'Autumn Road' fashion post; This super handy skincare guide by Caroline Hirons; this stunning performance by Thomas Yorke; this 'I Love You A Latte' shirt from ASOS. (Please don't buy it, I'm fearful of it going out of stock until I buy it, haha. Kidding).

Hope you had a good month and I wish you the best for May! x
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