29 March 2015

Good Things #7

1. Iced Tea from Hulucat. This is one of my favourite places to get a drink. So much so that I have a loyalty card. On Monday I went and saw a movie (Insurgent) with a friend in our four hour break (what a world we live in) and I stopped to get this as well. There's something so great about being in the city a lot because there's a lot going on and so many places to see.
2. Curling my hair. I always forget how amazing it feels to have curled hair when you've just been keeping it natural/straight the whole time. I want to try curling my hair with straighteners next so if you have any tips please feel free to blurt.
 3. Coconut oil. (Is so good for your hair). The first time I did this it turned out a tad oily because I used too much but I know how much I should use now. This stuff makes your hair so lovely and soft and you don't have to use any fancy products. Definitely recommend.
4. An ASOS delivery. If you've been reading my blog this week you've had seen my asos order post. I love that moment when you an unexpected delivery comes and it instantly brightens your day.
5. New earrings. I haven't worn earrings in such a long time it's ridiculous. I think these ones from Warehouse that I got off asos are adorable and I'm happy earrings are in my life once again. (Those holes were starting to close!)

What are your #goodthings this week? x

26 March 2015

A Little ASOS Haul

I haven't placed an order on ASOS in a while so I thought I'd pick out a few things that I needed/wanted. No clothes this time, but a gold purse, a new liquid eyeliner and some cute earrings!

I needed a new purse because I had a coin purse that had previously housed all my cards and things but it was just too small and became a bit messy. I decided to go for this gold number from Monki which is a good sized purse that can fit all my cards, cash, coins, receipts, etc in it. I literally use my purse all the time to pull out my hop card and eftpos card since I'm going to Uni now. On a side note, I absolutely love the brand Monki and stalk that part of asos a whole lot - I'll have to try out some of their clothing another time.

I wanted some new earrings because I literally have none that I wear. I spied these Warehouse ones which have a simple triangle and some thread through earrings, both in silver. I had seen someone wearing these sort of thread through earrings before and I wanted to give them a go. I'm not convinced I particularly suit them but I'll see. I'm thinking an all black outfit would be good with earrings that are a bit more of a statement than I'd usually go for.

Lastly I bought a new eyeliner! It's Rimmel's Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner which looks really amazing. I haven't tried it out yet but I can just tell it's going to be good.


24 March 2015


I've never done an empties post before but I thought I'd mention all the products I've finished up the past few months and tell you my honest thoughts on them now that I'd finished them completely. There should probably be a few more items in here but sometimes I just throw things out without thinking. You may notice there's a lot of Lush in this post and it's for a good reason; because I love it. So if you're a Lush lover this will probably be right up your street! There's also a few make-up bits which I rarely use up quickly.

Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment x2: I'm on a third pot of this stuff, having probably used one or two before as well, so it's clear I have a whole lot of love for this stuff. I use this on my hair probably once a week or fortnight and it restores my hair to how it should be; supple, soft and not dry at all.

H'Suan Wen Hua: This is a nice hair treatment but I still prefer Marilyn over this one. This treatment is thicker and over all makes your hair really soft. I personally don't like the smell of this one so I won't be repurchasing.

Tea Tree Toner Water x2: I'm on my third one of these so this is another favourite Lush product. It calms my angry/red skin down and overall just helps soothe my skin a little. It's good to use when you have a lot of blemishes.

So White Shower Gel: (Part of the Lush Christmas Range) I ADORE this. I love the smell of it so much - it smells like green apples. It softens the skin really nicely because of this and overall I can't fault it. I only had a tiny bottle of this but it still lasted me a couple of months.

It's Raining Men Shower Gel: (Also known as Honey I Washed the Kids) This is my favourite shower gel alongside So White. It smells like honey (obviously) and is kind of sticky compared to So White but not in a really bad way. I would repurchase this or try another Shower Gel.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: (Tester size) The smell of this is super gorgeous and the product it self is really soothing, calming and moisturising. It's really lovely to use in the shower or bath and lightly rinse it off before stepping out and having moisturised skin. I would repurchase this again sometime in the future, but  from memory I think it is quite expensive for the big pot.

Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser: This was a good, basic moisturiser but I've since moved onto other moisturisers. Who knows, I may come back to this one as it was light and moisturising enough without it clogging my pores and being oily.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: Oh, boy. I've had this mascara for ages. I actually really like this mascara. It's nothing fancy or dramatic at all and not intensely black either. (This one was the brownish black). It's good for natural make-up/school and so easy to apply and get out the door. I would repurchase this again; it's so great for lengthening and separating in my opinion.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner: From memory this was an okay eyeliner but I found it dried out really, really fast. For that reason I will not be repurchasing again.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer: This concealer is really brightening and lovely under the eyes. I think there are better concealers out there though especially when it comes to coverage. After using the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer under my eyes I will never go back.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer: Oh, I have good days and bad days with this one. I have times where I really like it and then others where I'm put off by it. One thing I do not like is the packaging because I've broken both I've had by dropping them on the ground but you get what you pay for. This is good for blemishes and has the best coverage of a concealer I've used, however sometimes it can be so drying on my skin and make it look really caked on. I think the key to this is using less of it on more concentrated areas.

22 March 2015

Good Things #6

1. Getting shit done. For the lack of a better word. This week I had a verbal presentation as well as a test worth 20% of a paper so I'm lack I completed those to the best of my ability and they're out of the way. Getting over my hatred for public speaking is a good thing as well.
2. Taking time off to have fun. Last weekend I went out for Japanese and watched The Sound of Music. Having a good old laugh is always a nice thing as well as forgetting about responsibilities for a while.
3. Making chocolate chip pancakes on a Saturday morning. Making these pancakes took like 10 minutes and made 100% better by the dark chocolate chips.
4. Starting to read again. Having tons of readings to do each week for Uni I have been put off by reading a little and I haven't had time to read a book properly. This week I managed to read one though, finishing it off yesterday. This will be featured in my monthly review post shortly so if you're curious to how I found this book then look out for that.
5. Instead of doing something fun/useful with my Saturday, I decided I was feeling creative and wanted to shoot and edit a video about my favourite things. I just felt like picking up the camera and making something random so this is the result. It's not perfect but I kind of like it. Watch below!

What are your #goodthings this week? x

17 March 2015

My Favourite Films

I rather enjoyed getting together all of these amazing minimalistic film posters for this post. All of these above are films I've really enjoyed/could watch again and again for a number of reasons so keep reading to find out why these films are so special to me.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: I love Wes Anderson's style of cinematography along with just about everyone else in the world and it's become a really popular thing of late. But I will never tire from his style of direction and the gorgeous shots and colour grading. This movie is probably my favourite of Anderson's films because it is freaking hilarious and beautiful at the same time. (Watching this on the big screen looks so amazing compared to on smaller screens, like most films.)

The Great Gatsby: Above everything I love the storyline and sweet sadness of this film (based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald of course; which I have read) as well as the beautiful 20s era. I love the whole look of this film; the clothing, the cars, the house/s.

About Time: This film never fails to make me cry every time I watch it. There's something so nostalgic and sad about this film which is also uplifting and funny. It's from the director of Love Actually so it's no surprise I enjoyed this.

500 Days of Summer: This film is so quirky and cute and I could never tire of watching it. I love both Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt a whole lot and this is the perfect funny love story with a realistic viewpoint. (The soundtrack is amazing too.)

Bridesmaids: This film is one of my favourite comedies. I die everytime at the part when Annie is driving the car trying to get Rhode's attention. I also love Rebel Wilson in it and all the antics that go on.

Submarine: I've described this as my favourite film ever and I haven't changed my mind yet. It's a film I saviour with a unique and funny storyline. I adore Yasmin Paige and Craig Roberts and I adore Richard Ayoade, the director. I can't explain my love for this enough.

Love Actually: This is my favourite Christmas film and something I will happily watch annually during the festive time. I love these type of movies which intertwine all of these different people's lives. Everyone loves a bit of Love Actually.

Moonrise Kingdom: My second favourite Wes Anderson film and a completely cute and precious little film with perfect typography of title sequences. As I've said before, I just love Anderson's style of creating films and the unique shots he uses to make the movie humorous and slightly odd. I just love how this is about two kids running away from their families and the undeniable need to escape their lives in a silly, exaggerative way.

Juno: I love Ellen Paige and I love the characters she plays. Her attitude of not caring and just carrying on with life is the only way I can explain it. If you haven't noticed already there's a theme running through these - I like quirky films.

The Maze Runner: This last one is a bit of departure from the running theme in this post but I have to say I really enjoyed watching this when it came out in the cinema. I wouldn't say this is an absolute fave but a recent fave for sure.

Other films I could mention here: The Sound of Music, One Day, Now Is Good & Back To The Future.

What are your favourite films? I'd love to know x


15 March 2015

Good Things #5

1. Taking time out to do things I want to do. e.g. having a day out eating lunch and shopping. After the first week of Uni I felt discouraged that there wasn't going to be much time to do things like I had been doing in the holidays. But it's not true because if you try hard enough you can find time. I just need to step outside sometimes and have a day of exploring.
2. Sun in the morning. Even though I'm ready for Autumn/Winter I think I'm probably going to miss morning sunlight at some stage because it's great for photo taking.
3. These boots. (Ssssh, they're actually my sisters), but I adore them the same and want something like it in black. They make me that extra bit taller with a little chunky heel which I love too. (From Glassons).
4. Finally realising that my calendar was still on February. I swiftly changed it and I love this month's illustration. The Frankie Calendar is the absolute sweetest.
5. Muse's new single Psycho. If you don't know who Muse is or you're not a fan then it's hard to relate to this one, but I'm just saying that I freaking love what they've got going on and I want the album right now! (Out in June).

Uni is pretty tiring and I've got a presentation & test coming up next week so it's probably going to be a hard one, but I'll be glad when they're done. What are your #goodthings this week?

13 March 2015

ASOS Wishlist

With Autumn/Winter weather on the horizon in New Zealand, I'm starting to put together an idea of things I want/need for the upcoming seasons. I LOVE winter fashion because I love layering. I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of things from asos that grabbed my attention because let's face it, I haven't placed an order on there for a long time.

The key pieces I'm mostly looking for is a rollneck jumper, causal pants (I did just buy a pair from Glassons), a versatile scarf and black boots. x

10 March 2015

Opshop Regrets

I have to write about something sad that happened a few days ago at an Opshop. I had spied a pair of Windsor Smith black sandals that I liked the look of but put them down because they were a bit expensive for Opshop prices. I pretty much immediately saw someone else pick them up and was sad as I left the shop. I came back five minutes later deciding I'd buy the shoes if she had put them back down. Sadly I was greeted with the sight of her handing them over to the salesperson. After I had a few thoughts running through my head: "Why did I put them down? I could have just held onto them for a little bit until I decided", "I needed a new pair of casual shoes and they were perfect" and "they were so much cheaper than full price new Windsor Smith shoes". And they fit perfectly too! Sad face. But anyway, I'll try to stop dwelling on it..
On the same shopping trip I picked up a few clothing items from 'normal' shops and one of them was these Glassons navy and white patterned pants which I rather like. I wanted some bottoms that weren't just jeans or shorts; something casual and comfy. Granted, these are a little big because I sized up as the smaller size did fit and feel snug when I was standing up but they were simply too tight when I sat down and I would be sitting down in all my classes and lectures at Uni so I thought I would just wear a belt with them and that worked quite nicely.
Outfit Details:

* Top: Mirrou
* Pants: Glassons
* Bag: Glassons
* Shoes: Mirrou
* Rings: Pandora
* Lipstick: Faded Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Lip Pencil in Very Berry

Have you had any regrets like this and what kind of pieces are you picking up for transitioning between seasons at the moment?

8 March 2015

Good Things #4

1. This little guy. He's been hanging around with me more often than usual and what's better than a pet snuggling up on your bed with you?
2. Having something to do. I started Uni this week and after four months break mostly hanging about at home it feels really good to be getting up out of bed and having a purpose. Don't get me wrong, sometimes (or most of the time) I'd rather sleep in and stay at home doing what I like, but I have something to aim towards now among many other things like making lots of new friends.
3. Making Granola. I followed HelloOctober's recipe (adpapted from Fleur's I believe) and really liked the taste of it. Coconut oil is new to me but I'm really liking the sound of it in different recipes and for hair care too. I'd recommend trying her recipe, it's a really nice one! I'd never made granola or anything like it before, but it was really easy and simple.
4. Choosing what to wear everyday. Don't get me wrong, I really do (sort of) miss my school uniform - the ease of it and the familiarity. But there's something nice in choosing what to wear and in doing so it pretty much shows a lot more about a person in terms of their personality. I'm working on building up my wardrobe with pieces I really want to wear but for now I really like the idea of being able to dress how I like now because for 10 years I've had to reserve that for the weekend and holidays.

5. I have (had) a new addiction and it's Serial. After seeing a few people say it was really good, I decided to listen to it and I was super intrigued the whole way through. I love murder shows and mysteries so this was right up my street. It's a good way to spend time while doing another activity that doesn't require much thinking or simply on it's own because at times you need to concentrate on listening. I can't wait for Season 2 coming this year.

Well, how was your week and what are some of your #goodthings that happened?

6 March 2015

The Three Step Lush Skin Care Routine

I like the idea of a relatively natural skin care routine. I guess it makes sense - if it's natural and gentle on your skin then it's probably better than something loaded with chemicals. I'm definitely not saying I won't just be using 'natural' products but if I can and it works, then it's just a plus. I have quite the big obsession with the store Lush - if you don't know by now then it's safe to assume you haven't ventured very far into this blog. I think Lush is such a brilliant concept and pretty much everything I try is good in some way or has a use for something. Anyway - I've found that the products I'm using in my skincare routine now have all ended up being from Lush so I thought I'd share why this little routine works well for me at the moment.

First comes the Cleansing Lotion 9 to 5 which is a very light, simple, subtle smelling cleanser which I find also moisturises my skin at the same time. I wouldn't use this on it's own too much; only if I'm in a rush or it's too early in the morning to function and I need something quick, but I generally use this in conjunction with the Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Facial Cleanser (not pictured as it wasn't exactly the most photogenic thing in the world, as I got a tiny sample pot that I'm still using). Using these two products together works really well for me as the Fresh Cleanser gently exfoliates my skin and makes sure it's really cleansed while the Cleansing Lotion refreshes my skin, makes it more liquidy and lightly moisturises. I won't lie, I stole this idea from this Lush Handbook which is a little gem you should check out if you're a fellow Lushie or a Lush newbie. I have a feeling the sample I got of Angels on Bare Skin is still going to last me another couple weeks at least so a little goes a long way.

I've mentioned the Tea Tree Toner Water on here umpteen times but I will say it again; I like this stuff. When I first started using it I noticed my skin was looking less irritated and red and the angry spots on my face settled down a bit. If you're having a bit of a moment with blemishes then I recommend this. I used to use it twice a day but I've reduced this to once a day because I don't think I need it as much. Celestial is an amazing moisturiser and I use this as a night cream after cleansing and toning as it leaves a bit of an oily residue on my skin at first (which I like) and by morning it still feels moisturised. I have noticed a reduce in redness on my skin since using this - it's in my top three Lush products for sure.

I should mention this is more of a night skin care routine for me and lately I have just been using a little of 9 to 5 to quickly wash my skin in the morning. I would LOVE to know if you have any suggestions for amazing Lush products because I like trying new stuff!


4 March 2015

What's In My Bag: Uni Edition

I have never written up a What's In My Bag post before because I generally just chuck in my purse, sunglasses, phone, etc. I can't promise this will be exactly thrilling but it's always interesting to have a nosy into someone else's bag, isn't it? Starting with the bag, this one is from Glassons and can just about squeeze in a 13 inch MacBook (so it's small but a good everyday bag, for uni or not).
Something very crucial to have in my bag every single day is my purse (more like a coin purse) and various cards (I.D, Eftpos, HopCard - which is Auckland's transport card for buses and trains). This little purse is from a shop called Daiso on Queen Street - sorry for mentioning places you may not know if you're not from Auckland. Ideally, I would like a bigger, proper purse in time but until I find a good one this is fine for now. I also have to include my sunnies (very important) and my earphones for bus trips. At the moment I'm listening to Serial on the Podcasts App and it's so good! I highly recommend it. I also have a notebook here for any written Uni work but I mostly work on my laptop. Not pictured is my purple soft laptop case from the Apple Store. I have my new pencil case from Kikki.K as well to store a few pens and pencils if I need them. I like that it's quite small and lays really flat in my bag so it doesn't take up much space.
I have a few (quite boring) essentials here which include a pack of gum, Panadol and Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm. Something really important I haven't mentioned yet is a water bottle, especially at this time of the year when it's extremely hot! Of course, I also have my phone with it's new phone case on it, and my Frankie 2015 Daily Journal. I wouldn't take this all the time though as I have any information I need on my phone at the moment, like my timetable, but as I start doing proper work I'll have to have some kind of organisation tool at hand. This diary is so pretty and I always love the ones Frankie do!

Let me know what you have in your bag for Uni if you're studying or what are your everyday bag essentials! x

1 March 2015

Good Things #3

1. New things. I picked up this grey cozy jumper in time for Autumn's arrival on Thursday in a little sale. My friend happens to have this and my backpack from Glassons so we might be twinning at some stage! I swear Glassons just has amazing clothes and so many new collections coming out all the time. I also bought this cute Kikki.K pencil case with all my spare change I had built up in my purse lately. It's the perfect little size for a few pens and such for Uni.
2. This shirt. If you haven't heard of this shop before, you should check it out because the designs she makes are so cute and I want so many things. Submarine is my favourite movie, and earlier in the week you would've seen I had the phone case in this design too. This shirt arrived shortly after and I love it so much!
3. A small DIY. My sister covered her school books in this ready made design so I wanted to do the same because it looked so cute. I have a couple notebooks for Uni as well as my laptop to take notes so I might as well do it in style. I just covered them in a clear A4 sleeve so the paper would be protected from dirt, etc. {DIY from here}
4. Reading lots of books. This month I have been reading more than I ever have, really. I used to read lots as a tween but then kind of stopped. I think reading really improves my vocabulary, imagination, creativity and thinking, plus it's a better way to pass the time than staring at a laptop screen for hours on end (not that I don't do that as well). I'm always getting books out from the library because I can't afford to buy about five books a month and I'd hate to have gone and bought a book I end up not liking.
5. Stocking up on magazines and scanning things for my wall. Shortly I'll be creating a new wall collage which I'm tending to change up about every month or so,  so after a recent magazine splurge I've got plenty to read and a few things to scan and stick up on my wall that I like. (Not to mention the cute art posters).

Hope you've had a good week everyone. It's the end of my long, long summer holidays and it's to Uni for me tomorrow.
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