24 January 2015

An Update

I went on holiday to one of my favourite places in New Zealand and got back a couple of days ago. It was lovely to chill out and be at the beach everyday, but something unfortunate happened the first day there. Water was spilt on my laptop and then it got overheated in the sun, so to cut a long story short I have no laptop for at least the rest of the month. My blogging schedule will be non-existent over the next couple weeks until I sort myself out and I'm also rethinking the schedule in the first place and I'm feeling the drawbacks of having to write posts three times a week, so after I get my laptop back I'll just be posting when I want to basically. I will be back to posting in a couple of weeks hopefully so until then I'll be enjoying the rest of my summer. I had plans to do a monthly round up and playlist post next week but I will delay those until whenever I can make them. I will also be sharing more photos like the one above from my trip away. Thanks! xx

23 January 2015

Lust List #1

Untitled-1 copy 2
What's a wishlist without a thing or two from Lush? Someone give me a lifetime supply of Lush and I'll be happy. Surprisingly I'm being rather tamed this time round because after spending a bit too much on boxing day, it's safe to say I don't want to be spending exuberant amounts anytime soon. Two things I am just DYING to have in my possession are very, very important to me. First, the Sherlock Season 3 DVD as I have the first two and I must, MUST have it. I would be happy to watch this show over and over again. The second is my favourite movie. I know, I know, that's quite the claim. But honestly, no other movie I have ever seen has made me react so strongly. I've only watched it once in fear of watching it another time and maybe thinking it wasn't as good. I just found out who the director of this was and I LOVE THIS MAN. He's an extremely funny comedian. So if this is going to be my favourite movie, obviously I need a physical copy.

The two Lush items on my radar are currently the Daddy-O Shampoo (a purple shampoo for blondes). I think I'm getting my hair redone at some stage to sort out my regrowth so I figured this time I better actually take care of my blonde locks and use products designed for blondes. So hopefully this in conjunction with Marilyn will be a winning combo. Also, something which is knew for New Zealand and Australian Lush (I believe) is the D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap which I originally heard Rhiannon from FashionRoxMySox talk about, and I really want to try it! I imagine it will give me super soft and lovely smelling pins! Before I go, another (tamed) item on my wishlist is another playsuit. I only own one and I'M IN LOVE. This one is from Jay Jay's and I wanted it (or something similar) about a week or two ago while shopping and I said to myself that I'll buy it when I have a restocked bank account and/or it goes on sale.

What have you been lusting over?

21 January 2015

My Favourite Albums

I love music so much, and over the past year it's been a regular occurrence on the blog with monthly playlists of what I've been listening to. Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite albums and why I love them so much. These are all worth listening to and have popped up on the blog at some stage or another. I often love listening to whole albums and not just individual songs from artists as I learn to love each and every song off an album. I think it's a true sign of good music when you can love each and every song on an album, and I love just about every song on all of these. (in no particular order)
one: CHVRCHES / The Bones of What You Believe: This is a recent discovery but I have fallen head over heels. Their music is so interesting and cool and different from what I've heard before. An honourable mention goes to BROODS here which remind me of CHVRCHES.

two: Tom Odell / Long Way Down: Tom has one of the nicest voices I've ever heard. I could practically listen to him sing anything! These are my favourite kind of singers. I love his raw and honest songs filled with interesting and heartfelt lyrics. This album has a lovely feeling to it and is great saved for long car journeys whilst you look out the window and pretend your'e in a movie. (Don't act like you haven't done that before)

three: The XX / Self-titled: I have to admit, I haven't listened to each and every song on this album so that's kind of bad when this is meant to be one of my favourite albums. But anything The XX sings will grow on me, and they're so interesting and different. Not everyone will like them, but I very, very much do.

four: Alex Turner / Submarine: Obviously this comes under my favourites when it's concerning the film, Submarine. Alex Turner was involved in the whole soundtrack, and all of these songs I absolutely love pretty much equally. I LOVE ALEX TURNER. I don't want to seem like a crazy fangirl here but who doesn't swoon at his voice? This soundtrack means so much to me and reminds me of the movie so it's one of my favourite faves.

five: Angus and Julia Stone / Self-titled: This pair is magical. MAGICAL. Their voices are freakin' spectacular and I absolutely love putting this album on when I'm in my room pottering around or bored on a Friday night. This is one I highly recommend as it's a people pleaser as well as something a bit different thrown in the mix.

six: HAIM / Days are Gone: Ugh, I don't have words for these three girls. They are amazing. I love this album a whole lot, and will continue to groove along to these songs which are so unique and amazing and just what I needed to discover about a year ago, as long as I'm still around.

seven: Ed Sheeran / Plus: Who doesn't know who this guy is? I've been lovin' this ginger Jesus for just about three years and it was love at first listen. Just like Tom, maybe even more so, I could listen to anything this guy sings. And I mean ANYTHING. I will forever be hanging out for more music Ed releases and wishing that I could just go and see him in concert again this year (if it wasn't for being out of the country when he comes). *SOB* I feel like this album means a lot to me because it holds memories of being in Year 11 and that's gold when music can make you remember certain points in your life.

eight: San Cisco / Self-titled: San Cisco is the perfect Australian band to groove and tap your foot along to in the summer. I can't express my love for this album and each and every song. It's something magical, I tell ya. They're a little quirky and a whole lot amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this post on my favourite albums! Now I'll turn this one to you and ask: what are you favourite albums?

19 January 2015

Details: Accent Nails

I've never really done accent nails before, but I so happened to delve into this 'trend' because the nailpolish on my ring fingers looked less than great, and BOOM, somehow this turned into a blog post (not a very good one). But I thought I should take photos of all these little 'details' in appearance, beauty or fashion or whatever and talk about them a little.

Fact: Taking glitter off nails is extremely bothersome, so why not simply use 'accent nails' as an excuse to only put glitter on two fingers. The main nail polish I used was Essie's 'Ballet Slippers' which is a pretty neutral pink that I probably would have worn to school if I was still in high school (eek) and the sparkly one is an aptly named 'Sparkling' from Revlon.

I swear I want to make these blog posts better and something of worth, but right now I'm just unable to make them something better than what they are now. It's all a work in progress. Me and this blog.

16 January 2015

Read: Girl Online

I knew I was bound to read Zoe's book when I heard she had gotten a publishing deal with Penguin. I read the book in quite a short time so here are my thoughts in bullet points:

-This book was actually much better then I thought it was going to be.
-Yes, it's a bit of a younger read - I'd say it's targeted towards Zoe's YouTube audience which is young teens/tweens. In saying this, I don't think people who don't fit in this category really have a right to say negative things about the story or the writing, only constructive criticism. I think that Zoe's target audience would really enjoy this book and I think that's the important part.

-This book really did have an important message, and this was something I did not expect. It's a unique message and there really isn't a book (that I've read) that deals with issues in this book, such as panic attacks and more; I'll save from saying because *spoilers*.

-It did have a feeling of everything being very 'perfect' and kind of like a fairytale, too good to be true kind of thing. (Which I did expect) But in the end, this is the type of book that really appeals to the target audience, and as I said, it does teach important lessons and I guess you only have to read it to figure out that, even though from the start it reads as an 'airy fairy' read, you do eventually know that you know, there are some good things in this book that are a little bit meaningful and not so 'perfect'.

-The issue of ghostwriting. I don't want to say too much about this, because I don't feel I have a right to say anything actually. I don't know whether the claims that have been online are true (as far as I have seen, I don't actually know if there is hard evidence that Zoe's book was ghostwritten/partly ghostwritten?) but I'm taking that as a separate issue and just looking at the story and the book I read which sits in front of me.

-I really did enjoy this book; I had no expectations or no clear idea of what it was about; and this helped, because I knew very little and just went into reading with no idea of anything. After a while, I just kind of forgot that this was Zoe's book and felt wrapped up in the story. I could separate the story from Zoe in the end (where as at the start I pictured the character as a mini-younger Zoe; as reading through the book, there were countless similarities I thought to the character and Zoe, e.g. panic attacks, what she liked, where she lived, the brother her dad's personality, etc). I read the book in Zoe's voice at times, for some reason I couldn't help myself, but my point is that towards the end I could separate the two and I found myself really enjoying the story and looking forward to seeing what was going to happen. I just purely enjoyed the book and not the fact that it was written by Zoe.

The bottom line is that this is a book which would appeal to many young people, and something I would have loved to read a few years ago. However, I still enjoyed the book very much, so there's not really a limit on age if in the end you enjoy it too. I definitely think it's worth reading, especially if you're a fan of Zoe's which I am.

14 January 2015

Mood Board #2

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 11.29.36 am
Right now I'm all about a comfy and casual aesthetic. As it's summer in New Zealand, I am turning towards laptop time and lazing about, plants and fresh smells, my trusty sunnies and polaroids. Also, I can't not mention my greatest love at the moment (okay I have three greatest loves): dark lipstick (odd in summer but who cares), Lush Celestial Moisturiser e.g. skin fixer and, of course, gold and copper accessories. I mean I got my Happy Plug earphones in copper not too long ago and I can't stop looking at them they're so pretty.

If I manage to buy more film I'll be taking away my polaroid camera on holiday on Saturday. There's something just that extra special about film, that it kind of distorts reality and makes everything seem a lot more happier or nostalgic than it may be. In case you're wondering, I'm heading to one of my favourite places in the world, and my second home, a little place near the Coromandel in New Zealand. I'm excited to have some me time and just relax. I'll be looking forward to those after dinner peaceful beach walks. Yes please!

I've scheduled some posts in the time that I'm away so yes, I'm still sticking to this blogging schedule thing. Side note: the fact that we're already half way through Jan scares me.

12 January 2015

Reading 30 Books in 2015

Continuing on with the latest book post from last week, I thought I'd share with you the book challenge I am doing this year and the only book challenge I've ever done: reading 30 books in 2015. I had seen others doing the 50 book challenge, but I thought that would be quite a feat seeming I just got back into reading at the end of last year, so I picked 30 which sounds like a (hopefully) achieveable number. To make this goal more achieveable, as 2015 goes along I'm going to be checking if I have read at least 2-3 books a month. I hope to read many books over the past two months seeming I have all this time off until Uni starts in March.

So far I have (technically) read just one book, called As Red As Blood by Salla Simukka, even if I did start that book in late December. I'll include this one if it comes to the end of the year and I've only read 29, but for now I'm still yet to officically finish a book in this book challenge. I'm well under way though, with many books lined up and requested from the library. If YOU have any book suggestions you think I just HAVE to read, please tell me in the comments below!

I thought I would give some thoughts on As Red As Blood, as I will do with every book I read this year (probably) whether it's a post on it's own or featured in my monthly review. So without further ado, I thought that this book was a very worthy read. I'm so glad I took Emma Blackery's advice to read it because it's some really good writing. It's interesting, quite suspenseful and apparently it's part of a series. You can read more about the book in finding out yourself, but basically it follows the story of a girl called Lumikki who finds a fortune of money covered in blood in her school's darkroom. I personally loved the partly dark, deep nature of her character and the atmosphere. It's meant to be kind of like a spin off of Snow White. Give it a go if you think it sounds good, because I'd say it's worth reading! I like a character with a bit of fight in her.

Also! You can be my friend on goodreads here if you have an account, it's been my favourite thing of late!

9 January 2015

Read: We Were Liars

we were liars
We Were Liars is a book I read mid last month after seeing a little bit of hype over it and I wanted to see what the fuss was about! About the book, John Green says it is "Thrilling, beautiful and blisteringly smart. We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable." I'm always interested to read a book which John Green values as I'm a fan of The Fault in Our Stars.

An overview of the book before I get started on explaining how I went with the book: "A beautiful and distinguished family. A private island. A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate political boy. A group of four friends - the Liars - whose friendship turns destructive. A revolution. An accident. A secret. Lies upon lies. True love. The truth." I couldn't have summed it up better myself, really, because from the start this is written in an eerie, mysterious way which made me want to continue reading.

As I've finished the book now, I do agree that it is quite unforgettable, especially since elements in the book (no spoliers) were so completely shocking that I kind of had to stop and think about it for a second which created layers upon layers of possibilities and thoughts that were going on in my head. As you're reading near the end, it's a rush to finish as it's really interesting and slightly disturbing as it's impossible to put the book down. The setting and characters are quite vivid to me and are the perfect backdrop for a brilliant little story which plays with different family and friendship issues/ideas. I think it's definitely worth reading, and one to dive into straight away without knowing much about it.

Now tell me, what have you read recently? I'm always looking for suggestions!

7 January 2015

My Lush Pamper Night Picks

I have been utterly obsessed with Lush recently. It's gone as far as to say several Lush workers recognise me in multiple stores when I go in (often). I have a problem. But it's a good problem, because Lush products are to die for. Here are some of my faves recently for a lovely pamper evening in the bath + shower depending what you like best.

Marilyn Hair Treatment: The most important and first step of my routine consists of putting in this lovely hair treatment to brighten and soften my blonde hair. I can't get enough of this, and with it being half price during the boxing day sales I purchased a back up. You can leave their hair treatments on for a couple of hours or twenty minutes minimum. Have a bath while this is sinking in and then wash off in the shower!

Snow Angel Bath Melt: This is one of my favourite bath products, it's very luxurious so it's good to use for a special occasion I think this one is best used by using the whole thing at once unlike some of their products. Your skin will be glittery for days (even after showering), don't ask me how it's done! If you don't like super glittery bath products then the next one may be for you...

So White Bath Bomb: This joins my list of favourite Lush bath products as it smells absolutely DIVINE (like apples) and makes your skin soft and lovely. There's just something about this one that I love! Obviously if you haven't stocked up, Lush's Christmas products won't be available anymore, but look out for their mid-winter Christmas if you live in New Zealand or Australia.

Reindeer Rock Soap: This smells LOVELY. It is the matching scent of the Comforter Bubble Bar so if you like that you will enjoy this. I use soap to get get clean and smelling nice, and then onto the next product...

So White Shower Gel: This stuff smells just like the bath bomb and is addictive! I know some people probably wouldn't be the biggest fan of the scent, just because it's quite unusual, but if you're into fresh smelling scents then this is the one for you.

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner: This stuff is pretty amazing come time to get out of the bath or shower. Apply all over body just before you get out (leave on for a minute) then lightly wash off and step out. Your skin will smell gorgeous and will be feeling mighty soft and supple.

I love this little selection of Lush goodies and look forward to future baths (even if it's summer in New Zealand). I've become a big fan! Are you? What are your favourite products?! xx

5 January 2015

Resolutions To Keep

(a.k.a. cliche sayings that are actually friggen important)

one: Just appreciate the god damn little things in life. Nothing else matters.
All of those special, worth-living-for moments in life like being with family or watching the sunrise. Cliche, cheesy, whatever. It's just so true. These things will actually make you continually happy over the year. Not every 'big' thing is a big deal, in the end.

two. Keep some sort of record of your life.
Whether it be by camera, computer or pen. You can record snippets of your life by filming them, like in Brit's (pretty amazing) video; keep a blog (even if it's personal + private); take photos and actually have them printed out occasionally (you could even make a scrapbook like Lily Pebbles did); or even better, keep an old fashioned, hand-written diary and spew your feelings out onto the pages every now and then. Doesn't have to be daily. From experience, things that restrict you in terms of time frames are not so good. Keeping part of your life to look back on later is special. You can do it in many mediums, so just START.

three. Get rid of negative people from your life.
This is a standard piece of advice I've heard spoken from many people before, but it's just plain true. It's not really until you realise there is someone who drags you down in your life that you know you have the ability to not have them in your life anymore. Simple. It feels amazing. Those people are not worth your time.

four. Someones you just have to take one day at a time.
People can get hung up on the pressure and stress of daily life, but taking each day as it comes is literally all you can do. Complete one day until you think about the next. Truthfully, people who think they have their life planned out and awaiting them after high school baffle me. You can't plan a life. You can't predict what you'll be doing in a few years time. That's just life though, so wait it out and be happy in the moment.

The cheesiest advice is sometimes the most true, as these classic sayings, with a bit more thought taken, really are what you should be following. It's a known fact that many people fail on completing their New Years Resolutions, and no wonder, because as humans we can only live and do our best. So perhaps these resolutions will be something that you will fit into your everyday lifestyle, of every year!

1 January 2015


Today symbolises the new year and with a boost of inspiration I've revamped the blog and set up some revised/new segments on the blog so this little corner of the internet continues to become more of what I want it to be.

{addressing the new blog name: for a long time I've had my tumblr ohflowerchild and after deciding that all of these changed blog names were just not cutting it, I decided to go back to my roots (possible pun?) and stick with what I have a loved for a while. it's simple & cute, plus my new header is pretty bangin' isn't it?}

New segments coming up on the blog explained:

moodboard: I began this thing a little while ago but want it to be better than it was. I'll be featuring general photos & things that have me inspired in the moment, probably with an aesthetically pleasing colour combo thrown in.

lust list: Just a prettier name for a wishlist which is always a nice post to see. I'll be showing you everything that is taking my fancy in terms of beauty, fashion and possibly even homeware.

month in review: This one's in everyone-who-reads-blogs' vocabulary, so it's pretty self explanatory. It's much the same as my Life Lately posts you've seen here but minus the instagram pictures and more DSLR photos thrown in with notable links, mentions and loves of the month.

read: Revamped 'What I've Been Reading' posts.

I'll also be posting plenty about fashion, beauty and other topics as I see fit in the mix of all this new organisation loveliness. I'll be posting generally 3 times per week, for now scheduled every mon, wed & fri. Look out for new exciting, creative posts. Follow me on bloglovin', tumblr and twitter for updates! With me going to uni this year and being eighteen, it's sure to be a huge year for me. Here's to 2015 and let's see where this one takes me.
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