21 December 2015

Products I've Changed My Mind About

I tend to change my mind about products quite a lot. I think it's the excitement and rush of trying something that tends to give you rose-tinted glasses every now and then. There are products which I thought were good that I don't really rate now, and then on the other end of the scale, there are products I wasn't too fussed over before and I now really like.

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water: I kind of just assumed that whatever Lush had in their products would be gentle and nice for my skin. I used to use this toner a lot and while it did smooth out my skin a bit and draw out excess oil, it contains alcohol, which I've since learned and accepted probably isn't the best for my skin. I think it's worth checking the ingredients of your products to see if there's anything like that, that probably isn't doing any good for your skin. More than that, I didn't really know if this was really doing anything - so goodbye it is to this Lush toner.

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask: I pretty much regret buying this mask from The Body Shop. When I had it on, it always felt like it was draining my skin of any moisture and was overall too harsh. My skin tended to be a bit raw and red after this and I just didn't feel like it was doing my skin a favour.

Lush 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion: When I bought this, I should have got a smaller size because I didn't even know if it was good or not. This cleansing lotion simply doesn't cleanse my skin very well - it's kind of like rubbing a liquidy lotion onto your face and sits on top. I'm not really a fan of the smell either.

The Balm Hot Mama! Shadow + Blush: Positive review time. When I first got this and tested it out and so on, I didn't like it all that much, mainly because I didn't think I suited the orange, coral tones of it. But for summer, I do really like putting some of this onto my cheeks to give me a bit of a glow and shimmer. I haven't tried it as an eyeshadow yet.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: I picked this up in America near the start of the year, and haven't got much use out of it. The actual formula is really smooth and creamy to apply, offering a decent coverage for under the eye, however I just don't think the colour is the best for me. It's very yellow toned (which is probably good for countering dark circles, actually) and so I just don't reach for it at all, really.

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