9 December 2015

Out and About | The Auckland Fair

On Sunday I went to one of my favourite events of the biannual year (now moving to three times a year) - the Auckland Fair, which is an arts and crafts market run by Jessica Whiting. I've been a couple times before and there's always something pretty and aesthetically pleasing around every corner. This time I went with fellow blogger Sophie and had a mostly lovely time (it was rather quite crowded - but definitely bearable), even though we were there when it opened.

Despite not being able to take photos of some stalls (um, why?! free promotion), I still managed to take a few photos. Some of my favourite stalls were Clay Bird (pictured above, second), Wild Wagon Co, Helo Birdie (pictured above, first - I loved the print on the left!) and Amane & Me. Feel free to check out the links there because they have some pretty cute stuff. I love supporting artists/makers when I can, and buying handmade.

I didn't actually buy anything for myself there as it was a bit overwhelming to decide and I had a small budget. But I did pick up something for my sister and it was this 'To the moon and back' print from the stall Crushes.

So if you live in Auckland definitely check out the next fair. This one was held in Shed 10 at Queen's Wharf.


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