7 December 2015

How To Save Money at Lush

If you're a poor student, you'll know the agony of having to choose wisely on pay day. Over the years of being obsessed with Lush, I've worked out how to save a bit of money and make the products I buy last.

Use bath bombs more than once: I do admit, it is nice to use a whole bath bomb. However, you can get two uses out of your standard bath bomb. Bath bombs are down the drain in one go, so you can save a bit of money by splitting them.

Use small amounts of bubble bars: What I usually do when I buy a bubble bar (e.g. The Comforter) is split a small piece off and run it under the water when the bath has just started running, so the water pressure and extra time makes the water fill with more bubbles. Don't necessarily crumble the living day lights of of it - hold it under the hot water and crumble gently so it goes further.

Buy the shower jellies over shower gel: The shower jellies literally last forever. They can be fiddly to use, but from my experience you can never get rid of it - they just stick around for ages. You can also use them for creating bubbles in your bath: just use a sifter (that thing you use to sift flour), stick the jelly in it and run water over it.

Ask for samples: If you are interested in something at Lush, but your'e not sure it's worth the money, ask for a sample. Most of the time, if you shop there quite often or pick up a few things, they will be happy to pop something in a sample pot for you. I once got a sample of a fresh face cleanser I wanted to try (Angels on Bare Skin) and it really did go a long way. I ended up not buying it because I wasn't in love with it, and there you go - I saved some money.

Go to Lush on Boxing Day: At least where I live, they have 50% off selected products and all the Christmas gift boxes on Boxing Day. Yes, you'll probably have to cope with the crowded, busy store, but if you're up for Boxing Day shopping this year it's a good way to save money.

Different products for different purposes: If you don't like a product, try using it for a different purpose. Lush products are made of fresh and natural ingredients, and they're often designed to be used for different purposes. For example, I can use a liquid face cleanser that I didn't really like on my face as a shower cream.

Return your used pots for a free fresh face mask: You probably know about this one, but it's something I'm yet to take advantage of. Help the environment and get a face mask free!

Hope you enjoyed reading this lil post. I would love to know if you have any other tips to save money at Lush.

Emma x
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