16 December 2015

How I Plan to Stay Organised in 2016

Kikki K List Note Pad: When I was looking for something to spend my $10 Kikki K welcome voucher on recently, I decided to put it towards this To Do List Pad. It has various sections like 'The List' for general to-do's, 'Top Priorities' and even a record of how much water you are drinking and what you're planning to have for your three meal's a day. This is going to be my main organisational tool of 2016 and help me get through my blogging and Uni work. There are no dates attached to this pad so there's no worry of having to do this every single day - just when I want/need to. This is priced at around $16 NZD and I would recommend it if you need to get a bit more organised in 2016.

Electronic Apple Calendar: I recently put all my important dates and blog posts to do on my laptop's calendar and synced it with my phone. I have found over the past couple years that I don't reach for my paper diary as much as I would like, and I know that personally this is a better way of storing things. I am always on my phone and laptop, so it's just a much more efficient way of storing things, and I don't have to carry around an additional physical diary. On the Apple Calendar, there are colour coded tags, and I am using the blue for personal dates and events and then the purple for all the blog posts I am planning to write/have scheduled. You can also get notifications and reminders on your phone, so I won't forget anything.

Frankie Magazine Calendar and Wall Planner: This year I hung the 2015 Frankie Calendar on my wall but didn't really write anything on it, or use it for organisational purposes. I guess it's just something that looks pretty on my wall and I can see an overview of the entire month right in front of me. I preordered the 2016 calendar and I'm now waiting until the day I can hang it up on my wall. The latest issue of Frankie Magazine also includes a 2016 wall planner which I put on the back of my bedroom door. I plan to put all of my family and friend's birthdays on it like last year, and it just adds another bit of decoration to my room.

As for when Uni starts again, I probably be doing a blog post on how I'm going to stay organised with lecture notes and assignments. I've had one year of Uni now, so I feel like I learned from this year on how to organise things.


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