14 December 2015

Bought and Liked | Opshop Finds

The other day I went opshopping for the first time in a while and picked up a couple of items which I'm quite pleased about! I've written a post on how to snag yourself something nice from an opshop here, so check that one out if you like. I really like going opshopping, and even if I don't get anything, searching for things is half the fun of it.

The two items I found and liked were from Paper Bag Princess (on K Road if you live in Auckland). The first item is this XL pale light pink (which looks white - I don't know maybe it was accidently dyed in the wash) and navy striped shirt (originally from AS Colour, which has some really nice quality basics). It was $6. Tip: always look in the men's section of opshops because this is a mens shirt and I often see really cool shirts.

It probably looks really basic and not exciting at all but this is like my favourite thing now. It's really big and you could almost wear it as a dress. It's really good quality, is quite soft and very comfy! I generally have a striped top addiction so I knew this one had to come home with me.

The other item I got was this $5 turtle neck/roll neck jumper, originally from a brand called 'Dazzlin' which I think is from China. (Btw I don't know about you - but when I'm opshopping I like to look at the labels/brands most of the time because sometimes you can detect the quality... oops, I don't know if I'm a brand snob).

This jumper isn't like great quality or anything (and it's a bit itchy) but I tried this on before looking at the price because I thought it looked cute in a grandma sort of way (which tends to be my style) and I was like... but it's summer... do I really need this. Then I looked at the price ($5) and my friend was like um, yes. You have to get it. When we were taking these photos my sister said I looked kind of like a soccer mom but in a cool way, so I don't know... I guess I'll be storing this in my closet 'til A/W and rocking that librarian look.

This little shopping trip reminded me I need to go out opshopping more. What about you, do you like going opshopping/thrift store shopping?

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