6 November 2015

Transitional | Outfit Post

I love autumn and winter a whole lot for fashion reasons because I feel more at home in my cosy jumpers and layers as opposed to things that show a lot of skin. Transitional seasons, autumn and spring, are super nice because I can still pop on a jacket without feeling like I'm going to overheat or freeze to death. It's coming up to summer in New Zealand so I'll have to make the most of this jacket wearing weather now.

On today's outfit agenda is my favourite ripped up jacket, a dark coloured crop top and my new button-up skirt in black. I have a feeling I will be wearing this jacket in a lot in upcoming days as it's not too warm (with all the rips!) and it's easily paired with a lot of things. And I have a dark purple lip on as an ode to the end of autumn (which happened a while ago, Emma).

Jacket - Forever 21 MEN
Top - Factorie
Skirt - Mink Pink (Wildpair)
Shoes - Mirrou
Sunglasses - The Bread and Butter Letter Store
Lipstick - Maybelliene Colour Drama in Very Berry

The day I took these photos (yesterday, when this post goes live) was a super sunny day and it made me want to go outside a little instead of staying cooped up inside, studying. Ah, the struggle of trying to stay motivated during this time.

My blog has been on a bit of a bad streak but I will be right back at it with exciting new posts because I'll have a lot of time off. I'm so looking forward to going out and doing things with my friends after exams finish. Only a few more days left.

(And one of my favourite things is about summer is having an excuse to wear sunglasses 24/7).

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