22 November 2015

Out and About | The Winter Gardens

Today I start a new segment on the blog where I will be talking about some of my favourite spots in Auckland or new places that I've never been to. The principal is simple: I'll be going out and about this summer and telling you about my adventures and experiences.

The first spot I'll be talking about is The Winter Gardens, in the Auckland Domain. I love coming here every now and then (and now that I've sussed how to get there with public transport) I feel like I'll be coming here more and more. The domain itself is a lovely place to walk and explore, as well as the beautiful winter gardens which you can practically take a billion photos of (it's really #instagramgoals).

It was a particularly rainy and gloomy day (especially for it being Spring in New Zealand), however I didn't mind too much because there's something really nice about rainy weather that I like. However, it wasn't too great walking and taking the bus back, where it decided to pour down.

After a bit of walking our feet were starting to hurt so we walked up the hill to Auckland Museum and the cafe inside to grab something to eat. I'm not going to review the food or anything, but it was perfectly fine, standard cafe food.

It was pretty busy in the museum - it was a Saturday after all. My friend introduced me to the loveliness of walking around the exhibits listening to music with your earphones. I feel like coming to the museum, or an art gallery, and doing that alone would be a cool thing to do. I feel like I need to do things more things alone and just enjoy my own company and music.

There was a special exhibition that I particularly liked as I'd seen most of the rest of the museum. Buildings like this one are just great to walk around in, and I can't express my love for it even if I tried. Even if you don't live in Auckland, every city is bound to have it's own museum of some kind, and it's lovely to explore places like that.

Overall I enjoyed going out this day, and am excited to go out to more places seeming I have quite a bit of time off in the next few months. I've learned I need to get out of the house often otherwise I feel unproductive even when I don't need to be, if that makes sense.

I also made another edition of Snippets #3 which you may have seen on my YouTube channel. I recorded it with my new phone and am happy with how it turned out! Hope you enjoy, and tell me if you have any places like this in your cities? I did another post about The Winter Gardens a while back, too.



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