27 November 2015

Christmas Lush Haul

Yesterday I picked up some Lush bits since their Chritsmas range is now in stock. I only picked up a few things but the things I wanted the most. I may go back and get a few more things, so if you have particular favourites, let me know!

The first thing I got was The Magic of Christmas, which is designed to be swirled in the bath or crumbled under running water to create bubbles. You can reuse this one, which was one of my major reasons I picked it up. Something I don't particularly like about Lush is that you only get one, or maybe two, uses out of a bath bomb and that's not ideal with a student budget. Anyway, this product smells festive and like cinnamon (with an actual stick of cinnamon as the wand - genuis).

I also got a So White Bath Bomb - not the most exciting thing from Lush, but one of my favourites. It smells like crisp apples (and it's so delicious). I actually wanted to repurchase the So White shower gel last year but never got around to buying it, and then this year they've decided not to include it. Sad face. I'll probably use this if we have a cold or rainy day as at the moment it's boiling.

Last I got the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream (sidenote: on this bottle they misprinted it to be Shower Scream which would've been great for Halloween). The bath bomb version of this is another one of my favourite bath bombs and I bought about three in the middle of the year during the Mid-winter Christmas range. This is exactly the kind of smell that I like - it's slightly masculine (or what's considered traditionally masculine) and herbally while having a little bit of sweetness (vanilla). I'm yet to try it but I'm sure it'll be great.

If you love Lush too what are you going to buy from the Christmas range?

Emma x

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