18 October 2015

This Week: Vlogging, Feeling Uninspired + AHS

Hello everyone, I hope your week was a good one. This week has mostly been about Uni (who am I kidding, all about Uni) so lately I've just been feeling uninspired to keep up with blog posts or do anything really creative. Next week is my last week of Uni for the semester so for the next month I'll be focusing on exams. To be honest, I don't really mind it at the moment because it does give me something to do and work on. Usually I just hate exams and having to slave over readings and such but Jess has been inspiring me to do my readings while I'm watching her vlogs, so that's great!

I've started vlogging because I want to document my life a bit more and I'd been itching to make some kind of video. My skills aren't the best right now, but I'm learning I guess. I will try to put the main focus of the vlogs on my Uni work, revision and exams because it'll help me get my own thought process together while hopefully being moderately interesting for people who want to know about how Uni works/how I like to work/what my course is like I guess. Jess is always talking about Uni in her vlogs and I don't know why but I just find it so interesting to see how Uni life works for another person!

I have also decided that I'm going to be catching up on American Horror Story during this time. Probably not the best idea but I need something else to do while I study. I'm actually watching Freakshow at the moment because I only got into the show a couple of months ago. I am beyond excited to start watching Hotel so I'll be promptly starting that after Freakshow. No spoilers please but if you want to profess your love for the show in the comments I won't object?


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