28 October 2015


October went fast but there were some good moments! One of my favourite things I did this month was going to the Late Night Art in the Heart of the City event (... catchy!) a couple of weeks ago. Being in the city at night is so great. I really want to explore my city more because I think that we all generally forget to do that. That night I had Better Burger for dinner which is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to grab a bite to eat!

A few days ago I felt like a bit of change in my room (once again!) so I decided to gather all nearest cute items and slosh them together on the wall above my bed (which was moved into the corner). It looks much better at night with the lights actually on, but I cobbled together some cute bits and pieces such as the odd darkroom photography photo, doodles from notebooks, bits from magazines/pamphlets, and even a postcard my friend sent me from China. The rustic tape on the edges of the fairy lights really adds a nice touch! (no, not really). It has decided to fall down a couple of times since.

I'll get onto talking about my favourite bits (materialistic) from the month. Once again beauty was just not my thing. Since I don't have money to spend, it's a bit of a bore in that department, and I've still been loving the same things from previous months (including that OGX conditioner I mentioned last month - oh what a saviour).

Something that I've been using everyday comes in the form of a huge bottle with the words Cetaphil on it. I used to use this a couple of years ago I think, and now I'm using it again. My skin was looking worse than usual so I decided it was time to go back to basics. This cleanser is really, really simple - nothing fancy at all. It's gentle, softening and cleans your face. It's exactly what I needed after using foaming cleansers and such that stripped my skin. I feel like this has just restored my skin back to it's normal softness and feel and it has calmed down breakouts. No, not got rid of them, but hasn't contributed to any new ones.

Essence, I am slowly learning, is a great and affordable brand. I've tried a couple of lipsticks from them and the colours are really nice, not to mention the price is too good to resist (the colour above is On The Catwalk! 04 and it's lovely - pinkish red and build-able from sheer to bold). I have also tried the All About Nude eyeshadow palette and I have to say, the colours are gorgeous. I never apply eyeshadow, one because I'm useless at doing it, and two, I mean, is it really necessary? I have been dabbling in that department of late though, and one purply brown shade in particular has certainly made me more interested. So thumbs up for Essence, for having some good things on offer, and for not breaking the bank. (Oh, and shout out to the Real Techniques domed shadow brush making an appearance in the photo which is my weapon - or tool - of choice).

Now it's time to talk about books - one of my favourite subjects. As you can see above, (note the fangirl about to emerge), I read Dan and Phil's book this month (The Amazing Book is Not on Fire), in about 4 hours, I think maybe a day or two after it came out. If you didn't know, I love watching Dan and Phil on YouTube so I feel like their book deserved a mention on my blog somewhere. I'm sure the time in which I read the book is some kind of indication that I did indeed enjoy reading it. It was just something that happened, even though I was freaking tired, I wasn't going to sleep without finishing.

Honestly, their book did exceed my expectations. If you're a dedicated viewer, you have to get it. It's not as childish as it might appear (I don't know if it really does) - but it's an extremely funny little thing the pair of them have created. I know which pages are my favourite but I won't spoil anything, just like I usually try to avoid doing with book reviews/thoughts. I think this book is something I'll flick through in the future and smile about so I'm happy I got my mitts on a copy.

I read two other books in the month and unfortunately I don't have another one or two beautiful photos to grace your eyes with as they've gone back to the library. The first is Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison which I devoured at the beginning of October. I really enjoyed reading this and if you're a fan of contemporary YA fiction, then add this one to your list. I always seem to enjoy a look into British teen culture, as it were, and something that is fun and easy to read (and that doesn't mean it can't have an important message at the end of it).

The main theme of this book is pretty obvious early on. It's essentially about teenagers who are trying to lose their virginity as soon as possible. This book didn't glamourise sex and it was an insightful look into the lives of teenagers - not the ideal either. The two perspectives in the book were very enjoyable to read, and there was a lot of going back and forth between all these characters and what they were thinking. There were little things in the book that made it special and made it just that bit better in my opinion. Read it!

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is the third book I read this month, and I'm sure you've all heard of it. It was quite popular a few months ago. Long story short I did think it was a good book, but not amazing. I don't want to spoil it, obviously, so I'll say that it was interesting to read about the lives of these characters, all proper adults which I don't usually read about, and to try and figure out what happened. It's all a bit of a mystery, and while it wasn't absolutely shocking, I still did quite enjoy it.

Now that I've babbled on about books more than I probably should have, I'll try to wrap this up. Entertainment favourites of the month have included American Horror Story (I just finished off Freak Show and actually liked it more than Coven probably), The It Crowd (my love for Richard Ayoade will never diminish) and I finished off the British Vogue Future of Fashion YouTube documentary series which was insightful and I just pretty much love Alexa Chung's personality as host. I also purchased the Submarine movie (directed by Richard Ayoade) on iTunes so I'm now free to rewatch it about 34893 times at leisure.

Music has been a mix of old and new as usual. Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club and Haim I have listened to religiously in the past and for some reason they just ended up on my playlist this month. I am obsessed with Haim's Days are Gone album though - please release new music soon?

Something new (for me) that I listened to was Gorillaz which kind of reminds me of my school discos in year 5 and 6, probably because this is a veeeery old album and it has just reminded me how old I am becoming.

Oh, and something new! Purity Ring's album (which was released this year but I didn't know about) Another Eternity is something I've been listening to quite a lot as of late. I used to listen to some songs on their first album (I was a lil fan of Purity Ring back in the day) so those songs and new ones are sitting pretty on my Spotify October Playlist.

Thank you for reading if you've made it this far, or shamelessly skipped to the end, but do tell me what some of your faves have been this month from all the range of stuff I ramble on about - beauty, music, TV shows, etc, etc.


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