10 October 2015

Keeping a Diary

I've been recording what's been happening in my life since I was probably about eight years old. It was on and off of course, and the earliest diaries I have are just basic recounts of what I did that day. Completely boring, but it was kind of nice in a way. In recent years, I've been writing about my feelings. All of that teenage angst and such. But I'm so glad I've written in a diary for quite some time because I think it's going to be something to look back at. I won't lie, my diary now is mostly for when I want to have a good old rant about a number of things and that's my way of getting it all out. I've actually written 'diaries' online before as well (not public obvs) but I think the good old paper format is the best.

I've been thinking about writing in diaries and the like after reading this blog post and it's made me want to get back into writing my own more regularly. At the moment I write in a lined notebook probably like twice a month and it's not very good because I don't record all the little things that have happened day to day and sometimes I can't be bothered to write because I just don't know where to start. I think that will be one of my New Year's resolutions - to write more regularly but not just about my life but different topics and random thoughts that pop into my head. I also want to get more creative with it, because I do enjoy doodling every now and then, and I feel like blank pages, where I can draw and write freely is preferable for me right now rather than just lined. The current diary I have now isn't even half full and I've kept it since the start of the year. I'm wondering if I should move onto a different diary next year, but there is satisfaction in finishing a whole notebook. I also really need to go out and buy some decent inky pens!

I have been taking a backseat from blogging recently and I'm kind of rethinking things at the moment. What kind of blog posts I want to make, how I want things to look, etc etc. It's a busy time so see you soon hopefully.


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