20 September 2015

This Week: Actually Not Procrastinating for Once & Short Hairstyles

This week has gone pretty slow thinking about it. I've only been back at Uni for one week but it seems like longer. Today (Saturday, as I'm writing this) it's felt like a really long day because I've got through a lot of work. I'm pretty much your average procrastinator, putting off starting that essay because why would I do that if I can watch Netflix? But for once I actually had a productive day and it was WONDERFUL. You know that The Magic of Tidying Up book that every blogger is talking about? There should be one for getting shit done. It made me think of turning a bad day into a good one and so on. All that cliche magical stuff. It made me actually want to do things in my life. I worked on an essay which I'm actually pretty chuffed with (and it's not due until next Friday) and I rearranged and (somewhat) redecorated my whole bedroom. Which did involve copious amounts of blu tack, if your'e going to ask. I might do a post on it? It doesn't look too different.

I'm sure by now, if you are a regular reader around here, that you'll know these This Week posts are absolute rubbish and I'm literally just typing out what comes out of my brain. Right now for example I am feeling in quite an inspired and creative mood. It feels really, really good. I've been thinking about filming videos a bit lately as well. I've got quite a few ideas for blog posts going around in my head as well, one being a short hairstyles post of all the hairstyles I am now going with post haircut. If that's something you'd like to see give me a shout. I'm so sorry for this post and if you reached the end then congratulations.

{first picture is of the cafe This That which I really enjoyed visiting on Monday during my Uni break - I always love finding new cafes to go to!}

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