18 September 2015

The 'Death' of Print

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to discuss something a little bit different from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts that I usually have on my blog. I thought it would be interesting to have a chat about print media and the "death" of print. Is it dying? What do you think?

This is something I think quite a bit about and I always come back to writing about it at some point. I did my Year 13 Media Studies magazine article and design on the downfall of print. I did my Year 13 design essay on the art and craft movement and the importance of hand-made. It's always something I come back to. I love magazines. I have a huge stack of Creme, Dolly and Girlfriend magazines in my wardrobe. I didn't question the impact or ethical questions about what are in those magazines, but they were an important part of my life I'd say. Now as I'm a communications student, I'm forced to question what is going on with the content of such girl or women magazines. I've since moved on to something I consider more 'real' - Yen and Frankie. I think this should be the future of print. I'm really interested in the actually INTERESTING articles that these magazines offer and I think we should value that.

It's kind of worrying. If you live in New Zealand, you might know Creme Magazine and now the New Zealand version of Girlfriend have/are going out of print. These were the magazines I read as a child and tween. I want to work in the magazine or publishing industry - I mean are there really any jobs out there for that sort of thing now? I suppose it's all coming onto online and social media which is interesting and still something I like. However Yen and Frankie (especially) are good quality magazines with nice paper etc. They're more like a book in a sense; something to treasure. Gossip magazines and teen magazines can easily be found in an online form. But I feel like magazines like Frankie just wouldn't be the same if it was purely online. Magazines are something to get away from the laptop, away from the internet.

In saying all of this, something I remember strongly from a horrific Year 13 Media Studies assignment is that we should embrace the internet, and media forms don't overtake others just like that, in one go. It's not a one way street - there's enough room for two cars to go down the street, or in other words, room for print and internet content together.

What do you think about this? I can't be the only one with a childhood dream of being a magazine editor for a teen magazine?

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