16 September 2015

Oversized Jacket

As you'll know if you read my latest This Week post, this is my Dad's old jacket I rummaged around for in his wardrobe and repurposed as my own. It's pretty great when you can dig around in your various family members wardrobes and claim something as your own. I only wish I'd discovered this a couple months ago when it was the middle of winter. For now I'll be wearing this to Uni on lazy days when it's a bit cold. It's actually quite a light weight jacket that is easy to wear with anything and it has the biggest pockets ever - perfect for storing all your stuff in e.g. earphones, bus cards, phone which is all the things that live in it now.
And would you look at that haircut. I swear your hair looks the best a day or two after the hairdresser washes it and then that magic goes away where somehow you just have ordinary hair again. Just me? I dunno. I'm still enjoying my short(er) hair though. It's not too short by some people's standards but it feels quite short for me. I really love it. It gives me more confidence somehow and I just feel happy knowing I have some kind of cool change about my appearance. It's nice to change things up and hair is hair - just cut it and it'll grow back right? Not that I necessarily want it to grow back. Washing my old mane was noooot fun.
*accidental lens flare oooh* This isn't really a great outfit. I kind of just threw it on but I feel like most of the time I just want to feel comfy and look casual. I like oversized things and button up skirts and stripes and they're all kind of just in this outfit. This striped shirt is literally my favourite shirt ever, it's the best. This skirt is quite short and a bit uncomfortable sometimes but I'll live with it.
These are also my favourite shoes at the moment. They're quite comfy, black (a bit different from normal ankle boots) and they're a little heeled so I feel taller and ultimately a bit more confident.
Outfit Details: Jacket (my Dad's), Shirt (Dotti), Skirt (H&M), Shoes (Number One Shoes).

Hope you liked this post and I'll see you in a few days for another. xx

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