11 September 2015

Be a Wiz at Brows

I won't pretend the title of this blog post is terrible... but necessary. Recently I decided to buy the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (my shade is Medium/Ash brown). For basically $40 NZD it's a bit of a commitment, but I've heard nothing but good about this little product, and as well as that my sister so happens to be a big fan of it too, being onto her second one. It has a twist up function which brings up the product, which is a waxy small nib. The other side is a fantastic spoolie - I'd use this to comb my brows on days which I don't have eyebrow product on.

The nib is actually surprisingly quite hard when I thought it would be creamier, but the fact that it's a little harder means that it's easy to control the little hair like strokes that you made. It's really easy to achieve a natural looking brow with this. With a few strokes, filling in sparser areas of my brows, it looks that much better without looking like you're wearing anything. The quickness of it is really appealing considering I don't have tons of time to do my makeup. You can do a more harsh look with this as well, but I think I'll stick to the natural look as it can make my eyebrows look a bit look Helga-like.

The shade itself is something I had a little bit of trouble with choosing. I have blonde hair but darker, lightish brown roots and my eyebrows are pretty much just a light brown. I was hesitant in getting the Taupe Blonde shade because it don't think it would have been dark enough for my natural brow colour. As I said before in the end I got the shade Medium/Ash brown and I think it's a good match overall. I would say it does darken my eyebrows a little bit but it doesn't make them look funny or weird, like I have my eyebrow hairs and then the product on top. It matches and they look full and more shaped.

I would definitely recommend this from my first impression of it. Tell me, have you tried this or do you want to?

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