2 September 2015


Spring has officially sprung in my corner of the world. The start of a new season is always exciting, and I think that Spring is about fresh starts and new possibilities. I'm looking forward to summer because I get to have a decent break from Uni and go out and do things I couldn't when it's bucketing it down outside. It has been raining quite a bit the last few days, but I do love the rain. I know I'll get sick of summer like I always do, but for now it's nice to think of the possibility of bare legs. Now that I've rambled about the weather as usual... I'll move on to explaining some of my favourites for the month of August.

In terms of beauty, this was not my month. I didn't really care about makeup, I just slapped the same old stuff on, and didn't buy anything new either. There are a few things I could mention though, and one of them is the Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner. I definitely had my moment with winged eyeliner this month, and I'd say I made good use out of the colder weather as I know I'm not going to be fussed putting on as much makeup in the summer.
Another favourite is the Revlon Pink Happiness Delicate Moments Rollerball perfume, which came in a pack of about five. I'm not that fussed on the others, but this one definitely stood out to me. There's something SO nice about this scent, it's really addicting. I'd describe it as really sweet with a somewhat musky edge to it. If I don't want to wear a proper perfume, this is nice as everyday wear to roll on your neck or wrists. I like the packaging too - you can't go wrong with a gold lid.

The Comforter from Lush is a last firm favourite. I'm sure I've mentioned this a few times on this blog, but I've been using this quite a lot recently. I can get like a month's use out of the one bubble bar. I run a little under hot water while the bath water is quite low, so that way the water pressure produces more bubbles. I don't understand people who use a whole bar or half of this in one go. It's one of the more expensive bath products from Lush, but I buy one every now and then because it lasts way longer than a bath bomb which has one or maybe two uses.
I didn't actually read that much in August - I was definitely a little bit too consumed by Uni. I have a two week break at the moment so I'm hoping I'll read a couple books during that time. Anyway - the books I read this month were All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher, Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins and Soulmates by Holly Bourne. My favourite out of the bunch was probably Isla and the Happily Ever After because Stephanie Perkin's writing literally never fails, and I do enjoy a good old romance. But, I did really enjoy reading Soulmates as well. This is my second book of Holly Bourne's and I really like what she has to offer. This story was a little different to what I expected, and it has a sci-fi type twist. That element to it is small throughout the book and then it kind of explodes at the end. I have to say, I enjoyed the parts between Noah and Poppy immensely and I didn't find the romance cliche at all really. I would recommend reading this one.

Carrie's book was a nice one to read, and reading non fiction in the midst of many YA fiction books is sometimes a blessing. Her book is kind of what I expected in a good way, and her personality shines through so much in the book. When I was reading, I was saying the sentences in my head as I would imagine her saying it in her YouTube videos. If you're a fan of Carrie and what she has to say, undoubtedly read - and I also feel like this would be a good book to read if you were a little younger than myself; it's basically advice from an older sister.

As always you can follow me/become my friend on Good Reads to see what I'm reading throughout the month. I'm one book away from my Reading Challenge this year, so that's great news!
My household got Netflix this month, so you could say that's been a bit of a distraction from my Uni work. There's something so great about Netflix - just dozens of shows and movies to watch at your disposal. I started watching The Killing (finishing Season 1) and while I like it, it was a little bit slow in parts. I started watching American Horror Story and you could say all my attention has gone to that for the past couple of weekends. I've heard some people don't like this show, but I have to say, I really do like it. I've watched House and Asylum and at the moment I'm on Coven. I think House is my favourite so far, but there were parts to Asylum which were really engaging and interesting. I love murder/crime/horror (but not too much) shows, it's really the only thing I can watch apart from the odd comedy.

In terms of music, I felt like August was a good month for it. There are some random songs in there, but I feel like out of the playlist I could talk about:

FKA Twigs has been big in my playlist this month, and I am loving M3LL155X- my favourite song is definitely Glass and Patron.

Tame Impala has rejoined my Spotify playlist this month too, and I've been listening to some of their new album Currents. I like the song The Less I Know The Better the most. Haim did a remix of the song Cause I'm a Man and I'M IN LOVE.

I can't wait for Lana Del Rey's new album, so I've currently been listening to High By The Beach and Honeymoon.

I also discovered Catfish and the Bottlemen (really into it), and got back to listening to The xx (I seem to be the only person I know who actually loves and appreciates their music).

And that one The Weeknd song, okay? It's really addicting. And Kanye's dancing...

I hope you have had a good month and I will see you in a few days for another post! Tell me, what have been some of your favourite things this month?

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