20 August 2015

Little Ways to Decorate Your Room

Plants: Even though I only have the odd plant around now (because they all pretty much died), I think adding some green to your room is always a good idea. Not only do they look nice and help fill empty spaces, but it just creates a nicer environment overall. Ideally you would put them into some cute handmade painted ones, or get simple monochrome ones. I haven't been very good at this, just leaving them in the plastic pots they came in. It's pretty much standard knowledge that cacti are easy to look after and I would say they are, as long as you do water them occasionally and keep them in the right sunlight to shade ratio.

Magazines and Art: I buy exactly two magazines - Frankie and Yen. Frankie is undoubtedly my favourite for it's thick, quality matte pages and it's stories. Something else that's pretty great about this magazine is the art posters that come with it every issue, and they occasionally chuck in things like postcards, art cards and labels which look pretty on your wall. In their most recent issue they included this art card pictured above which I'll be blu tacking to my wall at some stage.
Dishes: Plates or dishes are really adorable to display any little object you have. Be that jewellery (rings are especially cute), nail polish, tools like nail files, clippers, etc, beauty products, hairties, bobby pins, perfume... the list goes on. I think it looks nice and sometimes it's better than tucking all your things away and never seeing them.

One of the dishes pictured is from a cute Japanese store called Daiso (an adorable flattened pig face), and the other is the saucer for a tea cup candle I got a while ago from Typo.
Polaroids: This polaroid wall was something I did a few weeks ago and I'm pretty happy with it. You could certainly make it more exciting by displaying your polaroids with twine/string, little pegs, bunting, etc, but I chose to just blu tac them all to make a sort of square shape. It's always nice to have some photos of friends or memories on your wall.

Perfume Bottles: I like to display my perfume bottles (the only two I have, really) and these would usually be seen on my dresser or sitting on a dish like I mentioned before. I also have kept the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream box because let's face it, that's way too pretty to throw away. So once again, maybe try putting your perfumes or beauty products on display (less is always more though) to mix it up.
Candles: I'm sure you all know how effective candles can be in making a room look pretty or more cosy, and overall candles will definitely give you some atmosphere. I have a three wick Mahogany Teakwood candle from Bath and Bodyworks that I'm using at the moment. It's a very typical dark, musky, 'man' smell I guess you could say. Sometimes overly sweet scents just aren't too nice, so I do prefer fresh or dark, 'cosy' scents most of the time.

What are the little things you do to decorate your room?

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