5 July 2015

This Week: Pretty Alleyways, The Dairy & Terrariums

Well my instagram looked pretty this week because I went to Ponsonby! For all of you not from Auckland/New Zealand then all you need to know is that it's a cute little upmarket place just outside of the central city and it has some great places to eat. My friend and I went to Ponsonby Central, one of the cutest places in Auckland imo and we sat down at The Dairy, where they are known for their delicious looking ice cream sandwiches (I'm yet to try) but less known for their food, I guess, because I didn't even know they did food. Their menu is kind of expensive but I was not expecting the big portion I got and was very pleased! My meal is the one closest to the camera, and it was a delicious pulled pork sandwich with stuff like coleslaw, rocket, chipotle mayo, beetroot, etc in it. It didn't leave me feeling horrendously full either so I could still walk rather than waddle afterwards. We both got a delicious lime & raspberry sorbet float which was really tangy and sweet and had nice tasting candyfloss bits on top. You probably know about The Dairy already if you live in Auckland but I would recommend it, it's really good. I'll be trying the cookies next time.

We went into a number of very photogenic shops and we stopped by a rather cute art print and plant place (I forgot the name of it, though). They sold terrariums which I think are some of the most gorgeous things ever and I would definitely have one in my own home in the future. It was so white and pretty, so obviously I had to instagram it. Upstairs they sold some very cute and some quite affordable art prints, and they had a good selection. I was tempted by a print but didn't as my bank account balance wasn't looking too stellar. While in the area we also walked down this pretty alleyway with a cool/creepy mural and it was shame I didn't bring my proper camera as I feel like it would have been a great area to take outfit photos. I'm actually rather craving that drink we had now, mmm!

Hope you have a good week everyone, I'm going into my third week of holidays, and what have I done in the last two weeks, exactly? I honestly DON'T KNOW. Where does the time go?

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