12 July 2015

This Week: Hill Climbs & Taking Photos in Public

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This week began with a much needed fun day with some friends and games, namely Mario Cart and Cards Against Humanity which has now become a favourite game of mine (I was surprisingly good... I do not know if that's a good or bad thing).

This week I have also been shopping and I managed to find a new bag for Uni. I've mentioned that in my last post and the photo above is a little sneak peak for an outfit post that will be coming up next. I haven't really had experience taking outfit photos in public much as I generally just take them in my room or garden, however I think that the background of outfit photos can make the whole thing look a damn sight better. So off I went with my sister in search of a semi-secluded location where we wouldn't have to cringe too much in embarrassment. We found a pretty good place in the end; there were a few iffy moments, but it has definitely taught me that I need to go out and about more and just take lots of photos.

The other day I had a catch up with my friend group from High School (what do you mean I've left High School already?), and we caught the ferry to Devonport and basically took lots of public transport to various places. That particular day was absolutely freezing, but incredibly sunny so it was a good winter day in all. We visited a Navy Museum and spent about half an hour trying on Sailor/Captain costumes and taking photos, then proceeded to climb a hill in a place called North Head. In reality it was a 10 minute climb, but oh boy am I unfit. We had an amazing view of the city as you can see, and it was so, so peaceful to lie on the grassy hill (where it was surprisingly not cold) and listen to screaming, playing children in the background. It was really quiet and I'm glad I got some fresh (brisk!) air this week, at least.

Hope you all have a great week - it's my last week off so I need to make the most of it! xx

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