14 July 2015

The Button Up Skirt

Hi everyone. Today on the blog is an outfit I shot last week in a little hidden spot in Newmarket. That place will forever be my favourite place to shop. Anyway, the main reason for this post is to show off two cute items that I've been obsessed with wearing lately, and those are an oversized cardigan from Temt and a suede-look button-up skirt from H&M. As per usual, my face is looking rather grim as I don't know how to show emotion (only partially joking), but it's all about the clothes I guess.
I had subconsciously been looking for a long, oversized cardigan that would be in a neutral colour, therefore going with everything, and I found that in Temt, last week. It was half price, quite thick and very cosy so it was a no brainer. There's something that makes you feel really good in a fuller length cardigan or coat, and you can afford to wear it with shorter skirts (like this one) so you don't feel as self-conscious.

(Also I thought I'd mention, that in these photos, it looks like I have a permanent hair necklace - it's not jewellery, it's literally just my hair misbehaving..)
The bag you see in these photos was actually purchased about 10 minutes beforehand, in Glassons, where all good things happen, and it was rather spontaneous but I'm glad I did do it. This will be my new bag for Uni as I've learnt with catching the bus many, many times back and forth, backpacks are just not my friend, no matter how stylish-looking. This bag is literally huge and can fit a tonne in (but doesn't look bulky and isn't heavy to carry), so I can bet I'll fit my laptop, notebooks, extra layers of clothing, etc in it. It also has a very handy smaller clutch bag inside it, which can be clipped in to the side, so it's great for storing cards, phone, money, pens, etc. I didn't realise until after I'd bought it, but it's an excellent thing!
I'm wearing... Cardigan from Temt / Shirt from Mirrou / Skirt from H&M / Bag from Glassons / Shoes from Glassons

Hope you liked this post, I'm feeling more inspired lately to take lots of photos in the outside world and also up my blogging game overall. I've had a bit of time to work on my blog these holidays, so hopefully things will be going up from here. xx

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