25 July 2015

Lush Bath Bomb Review: Lord of Misrule

I recently picked up one of these Limited Edition Lord of Misrule ($7.90 NZD) bath bombs which came out mid year along with some other Christmas themed items. First of all, the smell of this is incredibly nice (in my opinion) - it smells what I could only describe as herbal and spicy while also being quite fresh and citrusy. The citric acid and jasmine in this bath bomb would explain the fruity, slightly florally tones in this, and it also has ingredients like black pepper oil, vanilla absolute and patchouli oil that would give it a slightly darker, almost 'woody' scent. Obviously it's hard to describe scents but there you go.

For pictures of this bath bomb in action, you can click here to see photos that I took while it fizzed away, but essentially when you first drop this in, it goes a very teal colour as you would expect from it's outer shell. It gradually changes to a mix of pink, white, blue and green as the bath bomb dissolves; and you'd be glad to know there is even some popping candy action. After about 10 minutes, the bath just turns a very pretty deep purple colour. The bath experience itself is quite creamy and there's something about the smell that's very refreshing.

Overall this was probably my favourite bath bomb that I've tried from Lush. I was so wowed by the colours and everything; it looks beautiful in real life and it was super relaxing. These are limited edition, so I went out and bought two more after trying it for the first time. I'd definitely recommend this one if you can get your hands on it - it's available online at the moment and on their website it says it is in store from July 6th.

Have you tried this or do you want to? Also what other Lush products/bath bombs do you recommend?

P.S - You may (or may not have) realised I haven't been posting this week, but I just haven't had endless amounts of free time like usual. A 'This Week' post would have been posted tomorrow, although I'm not sure I want to continue doing that series at the moment. I'll hopefully be posting a little more regularly now.

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