3 July 2015


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In a way, this month has felt quite long as it seems like ages ago I was studying for exams, which was at the beginning through to the middle of June. Since then, I've had about one or two weeks off and most of that time has been spent at home, catching up on a various array of things... including reading all the books I've wanted to read as well as magazines. At the moment I still have three magazines I've bought but not read yet, as my previous business has made me forget about them for a second. Next month is sure to be filled with more reading and watching as well as going on various lunch dates with friends, I'd imagine. Semester Two begins soon but let's just try and forget about that for now...
^ As I'm sure you're aware I'm still smitten with the Winter Gardens trip I went on with one of my friends, and I was always going to use this post as an excuse to post more photos from that day. Without further ado I'll move along swifty to some of my favourites from the month, beauty wise and more...
As for beauty, this month I have not been big on it at all. I haven't really tried anything new at all, so I've been sticking to the same routines and using the same stuff mentioned in the last few month's posts. I hadn't written up a beauty post in about a month until a couple of days ago, so that should tell you something. I do have a couple of things to mention though, and they come in the form of a cleanser and a face mask. Admittedly, I've already mentioned the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask but I have been loving it again this month. It brings moisture back into my face as well as tightening up areas where it's looking a little oily and just bleugh...

The other item is a cleanser like I said, and it's the Simple Foaming Cleanser which comes in a nice bottle with a good pump. I use one pump usually morning and night and sometimes mix it with another more moisturising cleanser. I'm not claiming this to be the best ever cleanser out there but it does leave my skin with a really clean feeling and I'd imagine this would be really good for overly oily skin types. The reason for adding a more moisturising cleanser in the mix would be because at times it does leave my skin feeling a bit tight. I think generally if you're on a budget, Simple skincare is quite good and won't irritate your skin.

Other favourites have included this pretty layered Forever 21 necklace and my beloved Frankie Magazine, which still remains my favourite magazine. I have a couple of issues of Yen I haven't read yet, so I'll have to get onto those soon. The issue you see above is the latest, but I still have a little bit of the previous issue left to read as I've been loving reading books lately. Speaking of...
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I managed to squeeze in four books this month, mainly after exams. I feel like I powered through reading these books this month so I'll give you some mini reviews if you're interested. How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran was something I mentioned in my latest This Week post and since then I've watched a couple of long interviews with her on YouTube. I've fallen more in love... She inspires me a lot and her humour and ideas cheer me up a lot. You have to read this book if you're interested in reading about feminism. Confess by Colleen Hoover was something I read a few weeks back at the start of the month. I won't explain too much about it because you can have a look on Good Reads, but the main gist of it is that it's a romantic story about a girl who finds a job at a man's Art Gallery. I felt like while there was an interesting underlying element to the story, the book was just okay, it didn't excite me too much.
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Moving swiftly over to two more books. The first is Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Marsell, and I did have an enjoyable reading experience with this one. With this book, everything fit together so perfectly and it made me smile and feel all gooey inside. Jill Marsell is a genius for making this story work how it did. This doesn't centre around teenage characters, rather adult characters, and that's something I'm rarely a fan of because I don't relate as much. I just really enjoyed this book, and out of everything I've read this month I'd say I enjoyed this the most. Me and Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews was an interesting book, and I can really see the potential for this to be made into a movie (which it is going to be soon) but I felt like this didn't have too much of a storyline or anything too gripping. It's meant to be funny because the main character is meant to be horrendously unfunny, if that makes any sense. I did laugh a few times, but when I finished the book, I just felt 'meh' about it; it wasn't bad and it wasn't amazing. I read this book really fast as it's actually quite short and the way it was written didn't make it to heavy to read or anything.

Other entertainment favourites include two movies which I rewatched during the month. One is How I Live Now, which is about a girl who comes from America to live with her cousins in England and a war is basically happening during that time. It's extremely gripping and in my opinion a good movie. Like Crazy is another I rewatched and I remember basically hating this when I first watched it, but I've learned to like it. I'm in love with the main character, who is played by Felicity Jones (#girlcrush). While I feel like this movie could be better, I'll take it how it is and appreciate some of the good moments in this film. I also got into a little mini series Documentary called The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst . It was recommend by Carrie from WishWishWish and the way she described it, it sounded like it would be right up my street as I love all things mystery/crime related. I've watched a few episodes so far and it's really well made and intriguing. I also tried to get into a podcast called Undisclosed which is basically reviewing things in the famous Serial podcast about Adnan Syed. I just couldn't get into it... I was kind of confused about things and felt in the end if I wasn't enjoying it, I just wouldn't go on. I can't wait for the new Serial seasons which are coming up. (I still have no idea who did it, the end of Serial season one just left me confused, haha?)

Right at the start of the month I was in love with a new artist I'd discovered called SOAK. She has such an amazing voice, I'd urge you to have a listen. My favourite song is Sea Creatures. I'll also quickly mention All We Are who are such a cool, funky, indie band with really chill/relaxing music to tap your foot along to. I don't know, if you're into that kind of thing, I'd recommend this band.

I've been listening to Muse non stop, mostly their old stuff but their new album was released this month so that's been on this playlist. After listening to the full album quite a few times, I do really like it. I've also listened to Florence and The Machine's album a little, but not too much, however I'm really in love with the song Ship To Wreck. The Moon Song has been my favourite little song to sing along to, it's so beautiful and reminds me of the movie Her which it's featured in.

Lorde has reappeared in my music this month as I used to be obsessed with her album Pure Heroine when it first came out. I love all the songs and sing along to all of them, I pretty much know every single word. There's something so unique and cool about her and I love the lyrics. Fantastic Fantastic is also worth a mention as I discovered them while looking for YouTube music believe it or not. They have a sound which is so, so cool - if you like chill, funky, disco, indie things then this is for you!


-A post The Private Life of A Girl wrote on Crime Podcasts!
-A chat with Caitlin Moran video, as well as this video and this
-Deciding whether it's justifable to pay $100 for a rose gold polka dot Gorman raincoat
-Listening to this over and over
-This Sherlock necklace, I need it!

I hope you enjoyed everything in this post + I shall see you in a few for another one x

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