18 July 2015

Desk Area Redecorate + New Make-up Storage

A few days ago after a bad weekend, I decided that I needed a refreshment of some kind; something to make me feel better, focused and organised. I hadn't been that happy with my room (you know, all those little things that need tweaking/fixing that you just never get round to?), so I changed some things and here are some photos.
My favourite area in my room is probably my desk area because the wall above is usually covered with colourful, pretty things I love that look so visually pleasing. I do change this up every now and then but this combination of 'things' on my wall is probably one of my favourites. Most of what you see on the wall is from Frankie or Yen Magazine. I also decided to move one of my small white shelves onto the desk like I had a while back and love how it looks! I'm a sucker for using my laptop in bed all the time but I'm trying to cut back on that as I know it's not good for the laptop fan and it's kinda lazy. (Not like I won't be using my laptop in bed at all, though. I mean, come on.)
I also had a sudden idea to put up most of the polaroids I've taken that were previously sitting in a closed photo album. I like the polaroids look on a wall like this, there's just something quite pleasing about it. I figured it's nice to actually look at some of the memories I've had for a change. (I feel like using polaroids is such a summer thing, I never crank that thing out in winter??) On a side note I had wanted to buy a disposable camera just for fun, to take random pictures with, but that didn't happen - so for another time I guess. I love film.

Something else I also decided to change up was my make-up storage!
I don't own that much make-up... what your'e seeing is basically what I use. I love the look of clear make-up storage so had a little look at a shop called Daiso which is basically a huge Japanese Stationery shop with lots of (sometimes useless), but at the same time, very useful, objects. They had these clear cases that stack on top of each other (originally for stationery) but in the shop I envisioned putting my flatter make-up (blushes, eyebrow palette, powder, etc) on the bottom one and objects that didn't fit (foundation, mascara, and eyeliner + concealer too) on top. They had a little clear container too that I thought would fit lipsticks in it (horizontally) but unfortunately only my Essence lipstick fits that way, so I just had to put them in the way you see in the photo. Not too bad though, and the three containers cost $10. I also just had a clear jar/cup which I popped my make-up brushes in and that works pretty well.
My white dressing table that I painted two summers ago was looking rather dirty and gross (make-up stains, dust, etc) so I gave it a wipe down. The two big  bottom drawers where I keep most of my clothes were broken and wouldn't slide in properly. This was driving me crazy because it always looked so messy, so my Dad fixed them and now that area of my bedroom looks so tidy and nice! I swear painting this dresser, which used to be really dark, brightens up my whole room and I like the look of it, especially with the fairy lights wrapped around the mirror. The smaller drawers on the top of the dresser host random things that I don't have room for anywhere else, and also store any extra make-up.
I hope you liked this post, and hope it somewhat inspires you to clean up your room at bit and get interior-savvy! x


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