9 July 2015

A Quick Shopping Trip

This is not my best outfit post by any means, but this is what I wore yesterday and I thought I'd share. I was going to wear a skirt but when I stepped outside it was much colder than expected. I think we're in for another cold snap while the temperatures have actually been quite mild lately. I wore this outfit on a quick trip to the mall and bought the cutest (!!!) and most versatile cardigan/coat which I can't wait to do a little post on as I believe I'll basically be living in it when Uni comes round again, etc.
I was having quite a nice hair day as I had curled my hair into tight curls and let them drop and this was the result! I fastened it back with a clip and VoilĂ ! I should probably wear my hair back more often but my hair is kind of a safety net and I always like to have it round my face as it's really cold at the moment, anyway. I'm actually planning on cutting my hair again (I swear it's grown so much already, oh lord) but that'll probably happen when winter is nearing it's end.

Enough hair talk, let's get to the outfit. I'm wearing some Topshop high waisted jeans (Joni, I believe) and they're comfy and cute. They have the very popular knee rips, but I'm actually looking forward to buying some new jeans which are just plain and simple, eventually. The slightly cropped top I'm wearing hasn't had much wear yet as it generally only looks good with skirts and I've not really been in much of a skirt mood as of late. I do really like his blouse type shirt though, it's flattering and I like the little button detail up the back. The black sweater I had to chuck on because it was COLD, is this mens one that had gone missing for a while (that just happens sometime doesn't it? annoying!) but I'm so glad it's back in my life as it's the perfect black jumper.
I'm wearing... Shirt from H&M / Jumper from Jay Jay's / Joni Jeans from Top Shop / Boots from Number One Shoes

I didn't actually get too many good shots while getting photos for this look so apologies for my pretty horrendous posing. I'm excited to share what I bought at the mall probably in some upcoming posts (the cardigan/coat I mentioned and a lipstick! not much).

Have a great day everyone, x

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