10 July 2015

A Little Fashion & Beauty Haul

Yesterday I went shopping and picked up a few bits, so I thought I'd do a post and share what I bought! I wasn't planning on getting a new bag on this shopping trip, however I had a little look in Glassons and I think their bags are generally really good. I had wanted a simple black tote for Uni for a while, so I decided to get this one as it wasn't a bad price, it can literally fit so much stuff in it but it's not heavy or very bulky. (I will be posting an outfit post featuring this bag soon so you can see what it looks like in full). As you can see it's difficult to photograph fashion items so the cardigan that is featured a little bit here, (from Temt) you will be able to see in full shortly as well, as they're in the same outfit post.

I can't not have a shopping trip without popping into Lush and it seemed like the perfect opportunity as they're currently having their mid-winter Christmas sale (?), well selling some of the Chirstmas products in store anyway. I don't know about you, but all I want to do after a long day is have a bath, especially since it's so cold at the moment. I like that they have this mid-winter Christmas thing as I generally have more baths in winter. I picked up two bath items - the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb which I am so (!!) excited to use. It smells lovely to me and looks really cool so I'm hoping it will be a good one. I also got The Comforter Bubble Bar again because it's the one bath item that lasts me quite a while so I don't have to spend loads on many bath bombs. My sister actually bought this but I thought I'd include it in this haul anyway as it's something I want to pick up for myself at some point, but it's the Mask of Magnaminty which is self preserving and looks great, smells of peppermint which I adore! I also picked up an Essence lipstick a few days ago which is in the shade 07 Natural Beauty and it is a nude dark pink. I felt I was missing a good nude lipstick (but not too nude) in my life so I'm happy with this one, and it was super cheap. I believe there is something under $10 in the range.


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