28 June 2015

This Week: Flowers, Feminism and Films!

Look at that alliteration, will you? This week I have a few different things to talk about, namely, starting off with flowers. I went to the Winter Gardens as I'm sure you all know from the post I did on it, and that was quite a wonderful day. Getting out of the house is really good sometimes. Since then, I've been cooped up inside though, mainly in bed reading and watching things. But hey, when can I do that but in the holidays? I won't really mention much more about the Winter Gardens because that's kind of been there and done that, however a much more serious and interesting topic that has been popping up in my mind an increasing rate over the week is about feminism.

No, don't skip this part or click off the page in fear of me getting all up in your grill, preaching about women's rights and such. That's exactly what people expect out of feminists and frankly, I've realised how important women are from reading Caitlin Moran's book How To Be A Woman. There were a couple chapters I absolutely loved, and I learnt quite a bit about, well, life really. Before reading I didn't really get how important equal rights are and the various issues she mentions in the book. I really do like her writing, and something that I thought was really good was this video where Hannah Witton has a little chat with her. Aside from that, the issue of the Tampon Tax and the #JustATampon campaign has come to my attention lately. I really liked the video Rosianna did about it (and her videos in general are very informative and insightful!). If you wanna know more about it or read about feminism etc I'm sure there are plenty of great books/videos/discussions that you can delve into since I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert on this stuff, I just thought that it was something to mention here.

Something a touch more light is the topic of films. Since I have three more weeks off to do basically nothing, I thought this was a good time to watch a decent amount of good films and extend my list of to-watch things. I already have quite a strong list but if any of you have suggestions of just generally GOOD movies I would love to know. I'm currently rewatching some interesting movies that I feel the need to revisit/cry/lust over.

Anyway, hope your'e all doing well and if you're still reading I hope you have a good week next week. Mine should be pretty laid-back, I'm hoping to catch up with friends and take pretty pictures!

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