21 June 2015

This Week: Exams Are Over!

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Sorry I haven't posted for a week since my last 'This Week' post but I had three exams and I'm so glad they are over, I cannot explain! I don't really have any responsibilities for a month so that's a nice thought...

I've been rethinking my blog a bit lately, with a bit of a change but I think I'm going to work on my blog quite a bit during the next four weeks when I have the time off. I'm excited to blog about new things and kind of get into a good blogging groove because it feels like lately I don't really blog about too much, just the same old stuff which isn't very exciting. I'm thinking of buying a disposable camera these holidays and when I go out take photos and get them developed to post on the blog?

I'm just beyond excited to see what I can do over these next few weeks. I was scrolling on Tumblr and came across this post and even though it's not summer for me, I suppose I kind of have like a summer break now although it's the opposite season. ANYWAY, the message behind it kinda resonated with me because I want to do things with my time off and not just stay in bed all day with my laptop, but also I shouldn't have expectations that it's going to be the best 'summer' ever. Etc, etc.

Sorry this post has had awful grammar and everything (practically braindead now anyway) and these posts are pretty pointless but just to ramble about things/my boring life! So I shall get to blogging more in the meantime and catching up on ALL THOSE BOOKS I HAVEN'T READ because of exams.


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