14 June 2015

This Week: Coffee Dates, Cold & The Importance of Balance

This week has been full of revision/study for exams and I've been cooped up inside for most of it. Yesterday I went outside for the first time in a few days (haha) and it was great! The weather was COLD but refreshing. My friend and I studied at the library (and procrastinated a bit, let's face it) then went outside and spent a bit of time in the park/walking around before we went to a lovely cafe for lunch. I had a super gorgeous mocha and a chicken sandwich with curly fries (um, amazing).

Speaking of the cold weather, something kind of related to that is Emily Diana Ruth's trailer for her new film. It looks so amazing! The quality looks phenomenal and it's something she's written and directed herself. To be honest, while we're here, I'll chat a bit about her talent because I love her. I really liked reading her blog post on her trip to Greece with Charlie (and the video!) and to me she's just a very soft-spoken, beautiful and inspirational person. Add her videos/blog to your watch/reading list.

This week has been all about balance for me. There have been some days where I've really hit that balance and it feels so good. There are some days where things don't really live up to my expectations, but that's okay because the world will go on no matter what. Balance between studying, doing what I want, relaxing, eating something fulfilling and exercising (yoga!). I think sometimes I can just get in a rut doing the same boring things everyday, but I want to build up more of an exciting/broad routine which amounts for many things, like taking the time to go for a walk, do yoga or make something tasty to eat.

Anyway, those are my ramblings for the week. I'll no doubt see you soon but sorry if there's a lack of posts next week as it's exam time! I can't wait to be free on Friday night. It's going to feel like a dream. x

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