7 June 2015

This Week: Cat Tattoos, Cozy Scarves & Finishing Semester One

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Semester One of my first year at University has just finished. Now I'm on break and I have exams coming up in about a week. So from now until then I'll be busy studying (hopefully, if my procrastination levels aren't too high), and then I have a month off to do what I please, which is one of the greatest feelings ever. One of the things I like about Uni is how long the breaks are. I've completed all my assessments and got my marks back and I'm happy with how it's gone so far! Yay for end of semesters and feeling really good.

It's a bit random to mention on my blog, but the other night my sister and I stumbled across some nostalgic things - exercise books from Uni and even temporary tattoos in the form of cats. Temporary tattoos are awesome, I should get some of the more stylish ones though. I laughed so hard at some of the stories I wrote from Year 6 in Primary School. Some imagination I had.

Anyway - on Friday afternoon I was super pleased to see an ASOS package sitting on my doorstep, the best thing to come home to, I think you'll agree! I bought two things - this super cozy oversized scarf with a herringbone print. It's like a blanket and I'm so excited to start wearing it as it gets colder. I also bought a workbook with dividers for Uni notes for next semester from Paperchase - not too exciting but it's a good book for notes! Speaking of online shopping and Uni, I'm on the lookout for a tote or shopper bag that's relatively cheap so if you've got any suggestions, send them my way. There's a few I quite like, but nothing I've fallen in love with.

And this week Drones was released - My favourite song at the moment is definitely Reapers which was released before. Is there anything better than listening to new music from your favourite artists?

Hope you have a good week everyone x

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