4 June 2015

Noteable Music Mentions

I love listening to music a whole lot, so I thought I'd give a few artists a mention as there's been many I've been loving lately. Discovering new, cool music is one of the best feelings ever. Sometimes I stumble across songs on Tumblr, artists/albums that are mentioned in magazines like Yen and from other people's suggestions. These are some rad artists that I think deserve a mention on my blog!

SOAK: Bridie Monds-Watson (SOAK) is a singer-songwriter from Derby, England who has such an amazing voice. Seriously, one of the best I've heard. Her music is something good to chill to or to listen to on a long bus ride or something, and ponder life... just amazing. My favourite song is Sea Creatures - I can't tell you how much I love this song.

All We Are: I stumbled across these groovy people because I was reading Yen Magazine and they were mentioned in the music part. I decided I should probably actually check out some of the music suggestions they put in it, and I did and I loved. All We Are kind of remind me of Tame Impala in a way because of the psychedelic element, however I think they're a little more soft and chilled. This music is just perfect to have in the background while you're working away. Some of my favourite songs are Feel Safe, I Wear You and Something About You.

Muse: I mention Muse because they are releasing their latest album, Drones, fairly soon (5th of June, in fact, google is telling me!). If you're a fan you'll surely know, and you'll also probably know of the little complaints and such fans are having over the 'sound' of this album. From the songs that have been released so far, it's clear that they are vouching for a more 'rockier' sound and toning down classical and electronic influence. Some people are loving it and some are a little unsure until the whole album is released. I'd probably say Muse is my favourite band, I just love watching videos on YouTube of them performing live. So I'm looking forward to the album and new songs to listen to. From what has been released so far my favourite song is Reapers.

Hope you enjoyed this, maybe I'll do more of these posts every now and then x

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