27 June 2015

My Favourite Yoga Videos

Admittedly, I haven't been doing yoga for very long but I have acquired some favourite videos to follow along with, particularly Yoga With Adriene videos. All of the videos I'll mention in this post are from her channel, so if you've never heard of her before/done yoga, I recommend checking it out! Now something to keep in mind with me is that I don't really enjoy exercise and I don't look for the hardcore cardio workouts at all. My favourite videos are often the ones that allow me to feel good, stretch nicely, breathe and relax. If you're looking for some beginner yoga videos this would also be a good place to start because none of this is too difficult at all.

30 Days of Yoga - Day 1: Adriene makes you feel so calm and positive about exercise, and after doing this I feel so calm but also like I've had a good workout - basically just all loose, stretched and lovely. I've been known to go back to Day 1 + 2 of her 30 day series as they're good beginner videos and not too hard.

Yoga To Get The Juices Flowing: This is ideal for a morning workout before you go about your day as it ensures you're stretched, focused and warmed up for the day. If I want to do some yoga but don't want to do too much/don't have much time I will do this one.

Yoga for Digestion: I feel like this is one I'm going to be doing regularly as it stretches the lower stomach and just gets everything feeling nice and stretched and revived. I do like a good twist, and it's just good knowing you're moving your body about every now and then. I did this one recently and despite it being quite short and simple, it made me feel focused and calm. When I come out of doing yoga, I'm more aware of myself and my posture. (Also this video is good for period pain as well as upset stomachs!)

Bedtime Yoga Sequence: The title says it all really, this one is great for doing before bed. I remember after doing this for the first time I felt absolutely wonderful - calm and sleepy. I feel like generally we're all pretty busy people that don't take the time out to just stretch and maintain a strong mindset. I would really recommend this one, it's super relaxing.

Yoga For Stress Relief: This one is really good for the mind, and Adriene makes you feel less anxious and stressed. I don't know, it's something about her attitude and outlook on her particular yoga practice that just sits well with me. I feel like taking 40 minutes out of your day every now and then to breathe and listen to her voice when everything gets to much is really beneficial.

So those are my favourite yoga videos from Adriene's that I've tried and liked so far. I definitely have loads more I want to try. I never, ever thought I'd get into yoga, but I'm so glad I did. Have you tried yoga/what videos do you recommend I try?

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