11 June 2015

Fresh Cut

fresh cut
I finally got a haircut! I've been wanting to from near the beginning of the year, really. My hair was the longest it's ever been and I felt in need of a change, mainly because it was so long that it was so annoying to wash. I'm really happy with my haircut and I'll probably go shorter next time. I had imagined it being probably a couple of inches short than it is now, but my ends already look so much thicker and healthier, I love it!

If you've been meaning to go for the chop I would recommend it. I didn't exactly get really short hair or anything, but I think something shorter generally doesn't drag my face down as much. I got some subtle shorter layers in the front, nothing too major but makes all the difference to me. I didn't get it coloured this time, I'm just growing out my roots a little at the moment and going for a bit of an ombre look. I feel like making my hair look good won't take as much effort as I'll probably just wave/curl the front sections of hair and I'm good to go!
Photo on 10-06-15 at 2.12 pm #5
I will be enjoying the hairdresser's lovely shampoo & conditioner for a couple of days (my hair feels so lovely, why can't it be like this all the time?) Anyway, just a short post to update you all on my huuuur business. x

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