26 May 2015

Who I'm Loving on YouTube

I've seen a few people do a post like this one, namely Anna and Tenneil. Youtube is a huge part of my life, and I'm not even kidding... I watch it over watching TV shows/films, reading books, studying, sleeping. I love watching video content. It shows with the number of subscriptions I have: 227. I thought I'd tell you some of the people I enjoy watching - I'm only counting the people that make me want to click on their video straight away and I feel most excited to watch. Without further ado...

Extrasunbeamsjess: I have to say, I mostly prefer watching vlogs over main channel videos nowadays. Jess' vlogs are some of my faves, and to aid the fact she isn't doing daily vlogging or anything, I watched her entire Vlogmas from 2013 in one day. I'm obsessed with her life... even when she is at Uni studying, I still find it interesting.

Arden Rose: I've proclaimed my adoration for Arden on here before, but she has to be given a mention. I love her personality and attitude about life the most. She's just so care free and quirky and cool, and I love watching her vlog with Will. (He follows me on Tumblr - fangirling!)

PJTheKick (or KickThePJ): I pretty much love either of his channels, but I've especially been loving his vlogs at the moment. When you begin watching, you will see he's such a creative and cool guy. He made a short film called Oscars Hotel which you may have heard of, and he's currently in LA turning it into a TV mini series.

Everything Dan and Phil: Once again my fangirl is coming out, but I adore Dan and Phil and will watch anything and everything they upload on their main channels and gaming channel. I'm not into gaming channels, but theirs I totally am...

Fran Meneses: I discovered this gem thanks to Essie Button. I am loving her 'Letters to Ed' series at the moment and I equally love Ed's (her husband's) channel. She's a really creative person and I love her typography she puts in her videos. She has such a cute personality and her and Ed are adorable.

LordLouisLou: This is a recent favourite. I'm not going to lie when I say that I like his channel because he's a pretty attractive British dude with floppy hair... but there's other reasons too. (Totally). On a serious note, I just really enjoy listening to what he has to say and his channel is awesome.

MoreZoella: I know, I know. Zoella. Everyone knows her. But I just really like watching her vlogs and she instantly makes me feel better. She's really positive and cheery, there's nothing better than watching a 20 minute long vlog from her.

CaseyNeistat: This is another recent subscription, but after Alannah told me I should watch his vlogs, I did, and I loved. Everyone's pretty much been loving him at the moment, but if you haven't heard of him, go and check his channel out. His daily vlogs are like no other and are really inspiring overall.

Essiebuttonvlogs: Once again, more vlogs! I have loved Essie Button's vlogs from when I first discovered her channel. She's so real and down to earth and funny. I just generally enjoy seeing what she gets up to every now and then, and I love looking at what she's wearing!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, let me know who you love watching on YouTube. x

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