10 May 2015

This Week: Yoga, Hair Inspiration & Overall Reinventing

One of the biggest things on my mind in the last few weeks is getting my hair cut shorter. I'm in need of a change. I'm so sick of my long, annoying hair which takes an age to dry and it just stays flat and greasy. I'm planning to get my hair cut in the next few weeks and the hair I've been coveting (appropriate) over most is Alix's from I Covet Thee. I'm feeling the balayage vibes and maybe shorter bits at the front. I've had a bad experience with chopping my hair shorter, but this time I don't want anything too dramatic - a long bob with some pretty highlights.

This week has been absolutely beautiful - the colours of Autumn in my city are stunning and I've never really appreciated it before. I think Autumn is officially my favourite season as it's not too hot and not too cold. I can sleep at night without it being freezing or way too hot. Hooray!

Anyway, moving on to something slightly less dull than talking about the weather, I've started yoga. I've done it a couple times since writing this post and I can already feel a difference. A difference in my mindset, perhaps? I feel really calm and sleepy when I finish right before hopping into bed and reading a book. I used to think Yoga was just another one of those fads - just something that didn't really work. You know, I kind of thought meditation and all that was pointless. There are no drastic changes yet, but I really want to work on being more active and doing it in ways that I feel comfortable. I've been doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene. I'm not sure if I'll keep doing it day by day or just repeat some days if I feel like I want to. She's so calming and open about things, it's just a really soothing thing to do - (although yoga is actually quite hard and requires some serious upper body strength). If you try this or decide to try it, let me know how it goes!

So, overall reinventing is what I'm thinking this week. Making some changes, feeling present, and trying not to worry too much. I'll try and enjoy this autumn prettiness! x

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