17 May 2015

This Week: Looking at Art & The Fun That Is Group Presentations

I apologise that I've not been posting maybe as much as I have been in the past because Uni is busy at the moment. It's dying down though as exams are coming up and then I'll have a break before Semester 2. The only posts I can manage to write up are updates on my life, which isn't really that exciting at all, but here we are again for another week.

Last week I spoke about how I'd been liking Yoga and funnily enough, this week that's taken a bit of a backseat because I haven't had time (excuses) - rather I'd prefer to just get into bed and sleep because I'm so darn tired. I will get back to that one though once I'm in a better frame of mind.

This week Uni has just overtaken everything - it's stressful but I've had two essay marks back and I'm happy with what I got. I had my first group presentation which went pretty well. I have to say I do not exactly love group presentations, or any presentations for that matter. I'm not a natural at speaking to an audience and sometimes working with people who don't share the same ideas you have is annoying. It can also be a little fun though and I always remind myself that it's not such a big deal as I make it up to be. Uni is kind of cool sometimes, but other times I'm sat wondering what on earth I'm doing with my life... in between existential crises, I'll visit the Auckland Art Gallery and take a gander. (That is not the type of thing I say, but it just... typed it self??). If you don't live in Auckland, you wouldn't know really know the art gallery, but it's a cool building and so close to my Uni. Sometimes Uni is like a never-ending fun palace with friends, when I'm not stressing about assignments.

Sorry if this was extremely boring, but I don't have much to talk about apart from Uni. I'll save some of it for my diary... haha. Hope you have a good week, I'm going to try and enjoy my Sunday without too much work x

{I thought it might be cool to include a most-listened-to song of this week in this post too. This song title is so appropriate right now too, so there's that. I am absolutely smitten with Arcade Fire's music now, especially the album The Suburbs. Give it a listen.}

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